Wedding Repair

A big oops for Obama, and his famous golf game. The Obama’s vacation once a year in his home state of Hawaii. This is an anticipated trip for the Obama’s who have had less vacation days than any of their predecessors. The Bush’s had almost 200 hundred more days of vacation than the Obama’s at this juncture in spite of the conspicuous musings of conservatives that believe otherwise. However, this trip is not without incident. 

Two Army captains were being married on a certain hole of the golf course in which Obama, and his party were playing, according to and Christian Broda. The wedding party was relocated at the last minute unknowingly to Obama. When news of compromising the wedding reached the chief executive, he promptly called the couple to relay his culpability in intruding on their nuptials. The wedding was removed to a nicer beach front location, and the president’s call came directly after the kiss. This totally stoked the wedding party, and they have it all on video.

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