Top Five Picks to Do While Visiting Fagali

One of the lesser known areas in Fagali is the Piula Cave Pool. You will need to make sure you bring a flashlight with you on this journey since once you get into the cave there will be no light. It is a freshwater pool that allows you to swim inside of a cave. It is not on the path of many tourists so chances are you will be one of few here. Read about the things to do in Fagali at Wings Journal.

Fagali is located in Samoa. It is an airport that recently opened back up, with some new renovations. There are many things to do around this airport that include leisure and adventure.

Another wonderful adventure in Fagali is the Rainforest Runaway Ecotours. You can choose between a half day or a full day tour. On the tour you will be taken to places that tourists usually don’t see. You can choose either the beach or the rainforest, including some hiking if that is your thing.

If you want to be able to see all the locals favorite items and be able to bring back souvenirs for yourself or loved ones; the place to visit is Janet’s. Here you will be able to see clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry. They show what the local culture is like and you will definitely be glad you decided to shop around Janet’s while visiting the area.


You can always go snorkeling or scuba diving while you are visiting. If you choose to do these activities you will see a variety of fish, turtles and other marine life. Scuba diving will provide you with an option to see the coral reefs that are in this area. Something that you certainly won’t forget.

Fiafia Night is local tradition. This is where you see the famous fire spinner perform at night. If you head here you are in for a treat and will be mesmerized beyond what you could ever imagine. There is usually local live music playing so it is an all around amazing local experience.

There are so many more fantastic things to do in Fagali, but don’t take my work for it see it yourself. Visit to know more about Fagali.

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