The Great Paul Herdsman

In our everyday life, we are prone to make mistakes that we barely intent and which might end up affecting our businesses. To solve such problems, we need to approach the right people. Paul Herdsman is one such individual. Having been in the industry of online consumer acquisition and consumer software for more than a decade, Paul Herdsman is the right person to work with. He is a problem solver, a marketer, and a sales person. In 2014, Paul Co-Founded NICE Global a business solutions company that is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Paul is a family man, a golfer, and likes fishing as well when he is not in the office working.




In the year 2013, they used outsourcers in different countries such as Honduras, the Dominican Republic, the US and India. Managing these centers in the right way became challenging and therefore creating a lot of strain on their internal resources. This saw them holding some discussions and decided to build their own center in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Despite being born in Jamaica, Paul Herdsman had no experience on managing people or building a company there. In the end of it all, everything worked out as they had planned. Their Jamaican associates handled their business needs hence offering their services to other clients, and therefore NICE GLOBAL was started. Refer to This Article for related information.


When asked about how his typical day looks like, Paul Herdsman said that there are two things that he is sure of in his daily routine, seeing his kids off to school, and seeing them off to bed. The rest comes with running his company. More so when the company goes with many people and at the same time located in a different country. Paul believes in being short and to the point in everything that he does. He does not believe in wasting time on thing that are of no value. He says that wasting time on creating an important work will end up taking away your productivity. Paul’s advice to young people is to become problem solvers, know the right question that need to be asked, and at the same time know the right people to answer them.


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