Southridge and Steven Hicks Lead The Way On Crypto

Cryptocurrencies can be extremely confusing. For most people, this is an area of finance that they have only heard about. As the name might imply, cryptocurrencies are not exactly meant to be understood easily. When Bitcoin, the first and still the most important cryptocurrency, first came into the public lexicon it was largely considered the province of criminals. Indeed, certain well-known online criminals took full advantage of the anonymity that Bitcoin offers. Now, however, this kind of currency seems to be expanding everywhere.


And who could blame them for being suspicious? After all, no one even knows for sure who invented Bitcoin. The inventor has used the online name of “Satoshi Nakamoto”, but no one knows who he actually is. Still, the decentralized nature of this currency and the fact that it offers a high degree of security make it perfect for inclusion in the world of mainstream finance.


Cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain technology. This type of program works by using a network of peers to verify trust. All transaction info conducted using a given cryptocurrency is visible to all peers. Every transaction becomes a part of a record of information that allows anyone to check the validity of a particular user or a specific transaction. This creates an effective “chain of trust” that gives both personal anonymity and excellent privacy. You can visit their website



Southridge Capital is one of the leading innovators in the field of cryptocurrency. While others debated and wrung their hands, Southridge jumped right into the middle of it with both feet. The man driving this innovation is CEO Steven Hicks. He started the company after working for a New York hedge fund for a while. The Principal of the fund decided to move back to Australia, and before he left Mr. Hicks was given permission to start his own company while still working for the hedge fund. The rest is history.



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