Robert Ivy: A Role Model Architect

Robert Ivy is one of the role models in the field of architecture. He started small, being a writer for a publishing company specializing in the field of architecture. Robert Ivy has been chosen by the board members of the American Institute of Architects to become the group’s executive vice president and CEO, and since his appointment in 2011, he has been doing a great job in becoming a role model and to change the public perception about the architects. According to Robert Ivy, it will be his objective to persuade the public that the architects are one of the most important professionals in society, and he has been doing information dissemination to support the architects who are based in the United States.

When he was still a kid, Robert Ivy has developed an interest in architecture and design. He would always tell his parents that he wanted to become an architect someday; however, he was not able to take up the course when he entered college. Instead, he chose to major in English and took up a Bachelor of Arts degree. He attended the Sewanee: The University of the South, and he ended up being a class cum laude. After his graduating from the southern university, he decided to make his dreams come true and took up a Master’s Degree in Architecture. He finished his studies, and he was thankful that he managed to graduate on time.


After attending two universities, Robert Ivy decided to join the McGraw-Hill Construction Media. He worked as an editor in chief, and he wrote several newsletters that became known worldwide. One of the most successful newsletters that he wrote was the Architectural Record, being published in 1996. The newsletter authored by Robert Ivy became one of the most well-known architectural journals around the world. Architects around the world are reading the Architectural Record, and they praised the richness of information that can be obtained from reading the papers.

After becoming the editor in chief for the company, he gained the attention of the government, and he is being invited to become a juror for several competitions across the United States. Robert Ivy was chosen by the board of directors at the American Institute of Architects to become the CEO of the organization because of his impressive background in the field of architecture. Today, he continues this excellence by promoting the organization among the public.


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