The Great Paul Herdsman

In our everyday life, we are prone to make mistakes that we barely intent and which might end up affecting our businesses. To solve such problems, we need to approach the right people. Paul Herdsman is one such individual. Having been in the industry of online consumer acquisition and consumer software for more than a decade, Paul Herdsman is the right person to work with. He is a problem solver, a marketer, and a sales person. In 2014, Paul Co-Founded NICE Global a business solutions company that is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Paul is a family man, a golfer, and likes fishing as well when he is not in the office working.




In the year 2013, they used outsourcers in different countries such as Honduras, the Dominican Republic, the US and India. Managing these centers in the right way became challenging and therefore creating a lot of strain on their internal resources. This saw them holding some discussions and decided to build their own center in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Despite being born in Jamaica, Paul Herdsman had no experience on managing people or building a company there. In the end of it all, everything worked out as they had planned. Their Jamaican associates handled their business needs hence offering their services to other clients, and therefore NICE GLOBAL was started. Refer to This Article for related information.


When asked about how his typical day looks like, Paul Herdsman said that there are two things that he is sure of in his daily routine, seeing his kids off to school, and seeing them off to bed. The rest comes with running his company. More so when the company goes with many people and at the same time located in a different country. Paul believes in being short and to the point in everything that he does. He does not believe in wasting time on thing that are of no value. He says that wasting time on creating an important work will end up taking away your productivity. Paul’s advice to young people is to become problem solvers, know the right question that need to be asked, and at the same time know the right people to answer them.


Learn more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


Finding The Color For Spring From Lime Crime

When you begin looking at the colors that you’re going to use for spring, consider the shades that you’ll put on your face. Lighter colors are refreshing and can bring out your natural beauty instead of darker colors that are often reserved for the winter months. Lime Crime has several palettes and separate makeup items to choose from so that you get the look you desire.

Purple is a good color to consider for spring. From sangria to lavender, you can find all shades of purple and in all types of makeup, such as lipstick and eyeshadow. You can use purple on your nails or in your hair. This is a color that offers numerous options depending on other colors that you want to use and the clothing you’re going to wear during the day. The Venus 3 Palette features eight shades of purple including metallic and matte shades as well as a few natural tones that can be used in combination with the purple.

Your foundation is important in the spring. Choose a foundation that is waterproof whether you’re going to be in the pool or if you’re doing tasks around the house. Your foundation should be looked at as a base for the other products that you’re going to use, such as blush or highlighter. Find a foundation that has SPF in it to protect the skin while you’re outside. You should also find a foundation that blends well with your skin instead of getting one that doesn’t offer a natural appearance.

Lime Crime offers several types of lipstick. You can get a matte lipstick that coats the lips in a natural way and that will last for a long time or a gloss that adds shine to the lips. A long-wearing lipstick is often the best option in the spring because you don’t want to keep reapplying while you’re at the pool or while you’re enjoying the day with your friends or family. Blackberry Plushies is an option to consider that is soft on the lips and that will last throughout the day. There are 10 colors in the line to choose from that include pink and purple.

Brown Modeling Agency and Strong Talent

The Brown Agency is the result of Wilhelmina Austin getting its hands on Heyman Talent-South. Once Wilhelmina Austin secured Heyman Talent-South, it was born again as The Brown Agency. This agency has the distinction of being Austin, Texas’ sole full-service firm. There aren’t many in the state of Texas in general, either. Justin Brown is the individual who leads things at The Brown Agency. He used to function as Wilhelmina Austin’s leader. He’s The Brown Agency’s President and Chief Executive Officer right now. The company concentrates on models and commercial actors located in the central part of Texas. It helps the professionals who are part of its roster secure assignments with major global companies including Dell, Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal and Toyota. It’s been in business since the fall of 2015.


The Agency works with many people who are looking to score commercial gigs. It works with women and men alike. It even works with children. Some of the women who collaborate with The Brown Agency for commercial purposes are Adelicia Morris, Emily Rose Henry, Paige Marie Duke, Natasha Pieper, Talaya Ann Frazier and Whitney Gilbert. Some of the men who devote their time to the firm are Don Jeanes, Lambert Maddy, William Rountree, Tom Graham and Sy Pinedo.


The company is active on social media platforms such as Instagram. It has hundreds and hundreds of postings to its credit on Instagram. It has thousands and thousands of followers on the social networking site as well. The Brown Agency itself is active on Instagram. Justin Brown is, too. He has a personal account that many people everywhere follow. People who are enthusiastic about the modeling and commercial talent fields often pay close attention to this company and to its effective team members on the Internet. The Brown Agency’s Instagram page tends to feature images of the professionals who are on its roster. People who want to learn about the bright-eyed new powerhouses who are gaining attention in the modeling sector in Texas often go to it.



The Brown Agency isn’t only eager about Instagram. Its enthusiasm for Twitter is just as strong and unwavering. The firm’s Twitter account states that it concentrates on print, fashion, commercials and even television programs. People who want to get work in television commercials of all types regularly work with The Brown Agency. The business’ Twitter account has a lot in common with its Instagram page. It discusses brand new things that are on the horizon for the firm. The Brown Agency is constantly scouting new models and actors in the region. It’s perpetually unveiling these individuals for the big world to see as well. The Brown Agency is a company that’s always moving to the front. For more info you can visit

Meet Ian King: the Guru of the Cryptocurrency World

There is no success with rigidity in business. You have to be flexible and ready to embrace change to be successful. The economy is undergoing multiple changes every decade. In the 21st century, the introduction of the cryptocurrency has blown the global economy.

The cryptocurrency allows you to do transactions with everyone all over the world. The cherry on top is that there is no wastage of time waiting for the processing of money transfers and exchange rates. The digital currency is acceptable to all states. There is also no need for any witnesses to stamp that the transaction took place. When a transaction happens, everyone sees it has happened. The experts in the field are confident that the currency is about to replace the mortal banking systems. Visit Banyan Hill to know more about Ian King.

Ian King is among the individuals who have been absorbed by the crypto world. His interest in the trading and financial trends have kept him going for more than two decades. Ian King is working with the Banyan Hills Publishing. He helps the readers know the best time to invest in the crypto business.

Ian King began as a psychologist. This must have been triggered by his passion for helping people, which developed in his childhood. At a tender age of 19 years, he was nominated as a captain in his home area. He says that on a busy day, they could save more than 50 people. He says that his career and past experiences have helped him become a better investor. They help him interact with his clients. Stay updated with Ian at

Ian King has gained popularity from his informative articles on the digital currency. However, this does not come easily; he has to research on the topic to help him deliver quality work. He spends an average of 30-40 hours working on his article. He then runs his findings through his team for review. He sees his ideas come to life through the profit of his clients. The dedication he has to research has helped him answer all the questions that the customers need to be answered as well.

There is no greatness with no challenges. It is through failure that we learn lessons that propel us to become better individuals. Ian King says that for the investment world, there is no better way to learn but to be in the field. The only way to understand how the market works is by actually getting out there and investing. The mistakes he made earlier in his career has enabled him to become a better investor.


Matt Badiali Explains Freedom Checks

Without a doubt, there are plenty of spammy investment offers on the internet. Consequently, it is impossible for most investors to identify the actual real deal when it is within their reach. As such, Matt Badiali, a prominent investor and business leader become handy. Over the past few months, Badiali has been the talk of the town with most investors wondering what he means by freedom checks. According to Badiali, these checks have been in existent for decades. However, the novice investors have been withholding information for fear of the market becoming crowded. Before digging deep into freedom checks and their benefits to business, let us understand how Badiali discovered their existence. Read more about Freedom Checks at

For starters, Badiali studied natural resources for over two decades. Consequently, he is considered an expert specializing in energy, agriculture as well as the mining industries. Moreover, Badiali has been a lecturer for years. He taught geology at the famous Duke University then the North Carolina University. Perhaps he attributes his success to his passion for investing in various businesses and traveling across different states with the intention of garnering vast experience. His approach to business matters has enabled him to move across Iraq, Papua, the Mexican desert as well as Hong Kong. While traveling, he rubbed shoulders with multiple investment advisors who offered insight on various skills and strategies that he could apply in businesses.

Subsequently, Matt Badiali spent time with the likes of T. Boone Pickens and prominent businesspeople associated with oil and gas production. Alongside interacting with chief executive officers, it was clear that he had the opportunity to indulge in the business of garnering vast experiences from his associates. At one point, his visibility increased because he made tremendous discoveries after working for a billionaire as an assistant financial adviser.


Currently, Badiali is prominent for discovering freedom checks. In the viral video that he released, it is clear that these are not government programs like Medicaid or the social security. These are proceeds generated from various companies that strictly deal with the production of oil, gas, and energy. Primarily, there has been a decrease in the production of these items from the Middle East. The opposite is true in America as there is an increase in the production of oil and gas. Well, for these companies to deal with the business of freedom checks, they must be able to part with $34.6 billion in payouts. These payouts are given to the investors who put their money into the business. Those are freedom checks. Read this article at Money Morning.

The Blossom of GoBuyside

When most recruiting companies across the world are struggling with portfolio and sales issues, focusing on undertaking any hiring job available, tapping to any client in their way without questioning their credibility, GoBuyside, a company founded by Arjun Kapur in 2011, has innovatively specialized and invested in a tech-advanced platform. The platform integrates artificial intelligence to efficiently link finance professionals to potential employers globally. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

GoBuyside’s CEO Arjun Kapur, having gone through the School of Business at Stanford University and by skill, intelligently researched and invested, seizing an opportunity gap he observed in the hiring process that was infested with non-streamlined hiring information and non-transparency between the job applicants and potential employers. The GoBuyside platform uses online job sites, integrates the same with job applicant’s follow-up system and advanced artificial intelligence to screen applicants, guides them through the hiring process and at the same time ensures a productive, transparent and information streamlined relationship between the potential employers and applicants.

On Business Development and Expansion, Arjun Kapur gave a general response to GoBuyside’s client-oriented push to offer unbeatable services which he sites is every business’ goal. Though founded in 2011, GoBuyside is available in over 500 cities, to over 10000 companies and on an average of 500 clients globally. Its success is due to firm’s commitment to establishing long-term relationships with clients.


The platform also grants both applicants, and potential employers’ access to compensation reviews and personal links in various professions. It also offers email notifications of available matching jobs and professional opportunities. Since the company uses a critical screening process, most clients are confident with recommendations from GoBuyside, better still that the platform is specialized on Finance professionals. Potential employers also save themselves a great deal of time, cost and criterion development costs associated with the screening and hiring process.

With rigorous staff training and professional experience, GoBuyside’s staff is uniquely positioned from other recruiting companies and rated in terms of professionalism and resource provision globally. Gobyside’s CEO insists that focusing on client’s goals and visions and also meeting most of their expectations is the key factor in growing the company. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

Know Some of the Unforgettable Things Jeff Yastine Has Done

Although most publishing companies have adequate capital to kick off, sometimes they like people with adequate skills in various areas to run. This happened in many publishing companies where they struggle to get a competent and qualified editor to work for them. This didn’t happen to Total Wealth Insider since it had an experienced editor called Jeff Yastine. It was in 2015 when Jeff made up his mind to join Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff was a stock investor and financial journalist before he came to this publishing company. He has been a great pillar of the company because of the wealth of experience he has attained for about 20 years now. Visit to know more.

One area where his professional competence is strongly seen is in the area of investing, as well as, finances. Most of the best finance businesses know his name since they have worked with him. Michael Dell and Buffet Warren are some of the highly-esteemed business individuals that Jeff has worked and interacted with. One thing Jeff did when working with such successful business people is getting as much experience and skills as he could. For more than 15 years, Jeff has been privileged to be nominated for Emmy award. On the other hand, Jeff was for many years a PSB Business Report correspondent. Visit the website to learn more.

Many readers have greatly benefited from the articles and readings he has been posting while at Banyan Hill. His readings carry exceptional teachings that enlightened these weekly and daily readers. Most people don’t really understand what the stock market is and this prompts them to make some regrettable errors in life. To avoid this, Jeff Yastine has shared informative articles to the entrepreneurs while still working at Total Wealth Insider as a writer. He has also taught many entrepreneurs how they could get more profit from various investments. Those who used to struggle in understanding the economic trends have now become competent through the techniques Jeff has given them.

It is amazing to learn that Jeff has worked in different establishments that include real estate, clubs, retail outlets and also restaurants. When people with a great humanitarian or philanthropic heart are listed, you can’t miss Jeff’s name. Most people have just heard how bad Hurricane Katrina was in 2005. However, the victims know how Jeff contributed to making things get back to normal. His impact on this situation will run through many generations. If you talk to the people who suffered a great deal from the oil spill of 2010, you will know Jeff has a unique human individual.


Dr. Shafik Sachedina Is Bringing Education And Healthcare To The People

Shafik Sachedina, in his capacity as Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan at Aiglemont in France, coordinates the programs and studies for the Ismaili Community. He also works with the Aga Khan Development Network for the Ismaili community in Central Asia. He is also a member of the Board of Governors of the Institute.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina began his career as a Dental Surgeon and completed his dental education at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School, University of London. He also developed an interest in the healthcare field that piqued his entrepreneurial interest. His work with the Institution and community is in keeping with the long standing tradition of voluntary service.

He is also the founder, owner and Joint Chair of Sussex Health Care. The organization is a group of independently owned and governed homes providing care that focuses care measures for the elderly, specifically those with Alzheimer Disease and other related forms of Dementia. The homes are located in West Sussex. The company was established more than 30 years ago and has provided care for more than 300,000 people. The homes are operated by a group of specialists who help to care for those with acquired brain injuries and neurological disabilities.

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Through Shafik Sachedina leadership, the company has also established a daycare/outreach service center in the Broadbridge Health Village. The facility offers outreach placement, as well as residential options and respite care for those with brain damage and neurological conditions. The home has 24 hour staff that is experienced, an emergency call system, holistic therapy, a specialized gym and a wide variety of activities. The local doctors are on call at all times and visit the home on a regular basis. The home contains ground floor accommodations for a maximum of 10 people and a game room, sitting and visiting area, kitchen and dining area.

In 2015, Sussex Healthcare awarded 6 of the healthcare students with a level 5 diploma in professional practice and social care according to The students attended workshops held monthly and the work they undertook was 50 percent work based in order to allow them time to study and work at the organization. The students who possessed a Registered Level 4 Managers award were allowed to pursue higher education and study for a higher degree such as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Sussex Healthcare also offers customized care services. They are also an accredited healthcare provider.

Read more: Dr. Shafik Sachedina Contributions To Sussex Health Care And Nursing Home

Mike Baur On Sharing Your Business Ideas With Others

The Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) is a Switzerland-based venture capital firm, but it’s not quite your typical venture capital firm. This company has several facets to it from giving a platform to investors in the form of new companies, giving coaching and classroom time for entrepreneurs to build on ideas, and networking entrepreneurs with investors. Mike Baur helped found the SSUF and he brought a wide range of management ideas to the company that he had learned in banking. Baur’s chief mission at the SSUF is to bring startup companies online within a short time frame and help them become sustainable, and he explained how entrepreneurs could make that happen.


Mike Baur told Red Bull Media, a media conglomerate that supports the SSUF that good business ideas don’t have to be searched for. Entrepreneurs will have their “aha” moment that the idea will come, and it will usually grow from there. Instead of fearing that the idea will be stolen, entrepreneurs should never be afraid to share the idea because it can bring together the right business team for them. And nobody should be afraid of failure because those who fail the first time around will do better the next time around.


Mike Baur wanted to go into the venture capital field because he realized this field had much more variety in a typical day than the same old routine in banking. Baur had certainly done a good job in banking while he was at UBS Bank and later Clariden Leu, so much so that he was on the executive board by the time he got to Clariden Leu. Banking was one of Switzerland’s strongest institutions when Baur first began as an apprentice, but by the time he was an executive the post-recession regulations had kicked in and had made banking much more difficult. So in 2014 he decided to go his own way.


The reason Mike Baur decided to form his own private business accelerator was because he felt he could offer more help to business founders than grant programs that the government offered. He met up with former investment advisor Max Meister and with the backing of Helvetia, CTI Group, Goldback Group and Red Bull they were able to open their accelerator. The accelerator has been responsible for many disruptive financial tech businesses brought online, and part of the investment in those businesses has been channeled through Fintech Fusion. Baur also is the CEO of Think Reloaded.


Former Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub speaks about Iran nuclear weapons

Iran has been o the spotlight recently due to activities that touch on the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

The country has been under scrutiny for violation of international laws which make it illegal for it to engage in activities that may interfere with global security. If the actions of Iran are not controlled, there is a risk that the Middle East region will be in dire need of security than ever before.

The UN has been trying to put in place measures that would prevent Iran or any other country in the world not to engage in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

There was an agreement that was reached between the UN and Iran on this issues. An agreement was signed in 2013 that would see Iran stop any activities that amounted to manufacture of nuclear weapons.

The agreement, however, was criticized by Middle East countries led by Israel. Israel regarded the agreement as inconsequential as it did not put in place measures that would ensure Iran stopped the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

The agreements according to Israel was weak and did not resolve the pertinent issues that had been raised by other countries especially from the Middle East. The sentiments from Israel were made through the then ambassador to the united kingdom known as Daniel Taub.

Daniel Taub understands the issue that affects the Middle East as he has been a peace negotiator on behalf of Israel in many years. As a senior legal adviser in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Israeli government, he had the opportunity to represent his country in various negotiation such as the ones on Gaza Conflicts. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Daniel Taub believes that it is not just Israel that is opposing the agreement that was arrived at between Iran and the UN.

Other countries especially the Arab nation were also of the same opinion, they felt that there was a lot that needed to be done to make Iran nuclear free. The agreement as was passed raised pertinent issues on how effective it was.

Daniel Taub is optimistic that the Iran issue will mark the beginning of cooperation between Israeli and other countries in the Middle East. The problems facing these countries are all the same, and there is a need for them to come together and cooperate in solving the problems that face the region.

Daniel Taub mentions some countries such as the Gulf of States, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia as some of the countries that are responding well to the call of unity in tackling insecurity problem in the region.