Non-Accredited Investors Are Now Welcomed

For most of the history of investment firms, accredited investors has been the most sought after prize. These are the investors who have a net worth of greater than $1 million while also possessing an annual income of $200,000 or more. These are the kind of people who are likely to have extra money to put money into the market. That being said, Forefront Capital now seeks out non-accredited investors to put money in the market with them as well.

Investors who make a middle-class income can now get started with Forefront Capital and the experts they have to help walk them through the process. They hire the best market watchers around and make sure that even small-scale investors are able to get the information they require about the market.

It is unfortunate that non-accredited investors have been ignored for so long. They have been pushed to learn about investing for themselves and not have the expert guidance they require. This is no longer the case. Now, Forefront Capital can help them and make sure that they start putting some of their dollars to work for them. It may help get them from being in the middle class to greater things in the future.

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront, and Reuters wrote that he has spoken many times about non-accredited investors and how he wanted to help them. He talks about how it is a necessity to get as many people as possible in the market. Investing may be the only way that many are able to enjoy retirement in their future. It has to start as soon as possible and this means that one does not have the time to wait around until their income increases. He wants to help people here and now where they are. Forefront Capital is making it happen.

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