Luiz Carlos and His Legacy a Trabuco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos deserves to be happy and proud for all he has achieved so far. When he was at Sao Paulo University, Luiz probably did not know about the bright future awaiting him. He did bachelors in Philosophy and a major in letter programs. These academic achievements may not have reflected his present work and position, but that is the thrill of it. Luiz used what he has to become a prominent individual in Brazil. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at

Luiz Carlos began his career at Trabuco Bradesco as a desk clerk. At only eighteen years, Luiz worked hard and diligently at everything he did. His effort paid off by receiving promotions. Luiz was once an executive director and later the president of the Bradesco. Throughout his career journey, Luiz aimed at bringing positive change and difference. Every position he has held was left better than he found it.

Luiz Carlos leadership in Trabuco Bradesco has exhibited robust capabilities of effectively implementing changes. Organizations struggle with effecting change smoothly. For Luiz to do with minimal challenges was a significant advantage for the organization. Giving all his career life to Trabuco Bradesco has not gone unnoticed, primarily by the entrepreneur community. He has won an award as the entrepreneur of the year. Visit to know more.

In his various positions of leadership, Luiz transformed Bradesco by including fresh talent. Although the organization has numerous people working for it, adding new human resources is beneficial. The new employees will bring in a diverse and inspired perspective to business. This prediction was true, and it has made Trabuco Bradesco the biggest bank in Brazil.

Besides searching for new talent and hiring, Luiz is an excellent mentor. His employees appreciate working with him because Luiz believes in lifting others. By mentoring others, they become better at their work and ready for growth. Many employees have received new opportunities after following Carlos’ guidance.

Today, Luiz Carlos is the chairman of the organization. Octavia Lazari has big shoes to fit after he was named the new president of Bradesco. Luiz will continue to influence and steer the organization to higher heights. He hopes to leave a substantial legacy in this thriving organization.


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