John Goullet Contributions in the Information Technology Industry

John Goullet is a serial businessman who has led the development of several successful businesses, especially in the information technology department. Goullet chose to venture into the industry after his education because he had a special interest in IT. At first, he started working at the department as an IT consultant. He became very successful as a consultant, and he decided to switch to IT staffing in the year 1994.

John Goullet has a lot of understanding on the emerging market trends, and this has played a huge role in the success of his company. He started an IT company known as Info Technologies, and his skills came in handy. His business specialized in offering solutions to many institutions in the country. The organization also provided its services to over 500 Fortune companies in the country.

In less than just five years, Info Technologies grew to over thirty million, and it was recognized by one of the leading magazines as one of the fastest growing firms in the United States. In the year 2010, Info Technologies was acquired by Diversant. John Goullet was appointed principal at Diversant, and he continues to develop new ways and techniques to the challenges in the ever-evolving information technology department.

Diversant is a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise, and it is considered to be one of the largest American-African owned staffing companies in the United States that specialize in information technology. The institution offers consumers in the country a wide range of services such as direct hire, IT staff augmentation, and innovative diversity solutions.

The professionals at Diversant believe in the principle of diversity. This team knows that diversity of any form is the best way to get greater and better opportunities for the partners and consultants and better solutions to the customers.

Diversant has worked hard to ensure that the company diversifies in all forms, and it also promotes this belief in all the workplaces in the country. This idea promotes creative thinking, effective problem solving and it also encourages fostered innovation. The company encourages the clients to build better and strong ties with the local communities, and it also helps the consumer to connect to different markets in the world.

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