InnovaCare Redefining Healthcare Management In North America

Puerto Rico has something to smile for once, the InnovaCare health as a leading provider of Medicaid and MediCare Advantage plans and physician practice services, embarked on a mission to ensure the citizen of the Island receive the best medical treatment.

Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare health leadership has seen incorporation and operation of 2 Medicare Advantage plans whose membership has increased to nearly two hundred thousand individuals enjoying quality services from more than seven thousand, five hundred service providers.

The appointment of Penelope Kokkinides, as the Chief Administrative Officer who has more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare and specialize in managed care industry and government programs managed to include the two MedicAid within the Government Health plan.

By involving the government in this Advantage plan is to ensure the Medicaid and MediCare services on reach to as many people as possible so that individuals with different lifestyle and financial incomes can enjoy the better services in the healthcare industry.

The innovative health mission is to be able to provide healthcare management by providing high quality medical and health services to a larger population in Puerto Rico.

The advantage plan can develop a realistic plan and also develop innovative provider network models that will resonate with the public, a private and non-governmental organization to provide quality services over quantity.

The InnovaCare Health is committed to offering the best healthcare services by creating a sustainable model that are realistic that will ensure it is well coordinated, managed efficiently, cost efficient and are in line with advanced technologies.

The program further ensures there is smarter spending, healthier population and provide a platform where public, private and non-profit sectors learn more about the Advantage Plan, share valuable information that will help transform the health system in the island.

The InnovaCare health achievements include the shifting away from the fee for every service where individuals had to pay more for each single services provided to a more comfortable system where providers are paid for the quality care and extraordinarily improved health services on

The list of committed partners has risen to nearly 100 leading organization from a nonprofit organization to private sectors, this type of collaboration shows that the goals and mission of InnovaCare are not only achievable but will provide the best healthcare services in all the corners and as a leading examples healthcare industry.

The joint effort redefines healthcare management that will provide and ensure patients enjoy cost effective payment and build a high patient and services provider relation, something that will reawaken the population to the healthcare industry.

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