FreedomPop Started Offering Services in the UK

The growing, free wireless internet and phone service provider, FreedomPop has finally established roots in the United Kingdom as their first international market outside of the United States. It has been developing these programs for several years and executives plan to continue forward in providing quality services at low costs to its customers. British residents can pay only seven pounds to start using the service. This set up fee is all they have to pay to have a monthly allowance of 200 MB of data, 200 text messages and 200 minutes of talking time.

For many United States consumers this way enough phone usage. In fact, the chief executive reports statistics that support this. According to reports by the Telegraph, only around 50 percent of United States consumers opted to purchase more usage beyond the monthly free allowance. It was enough phone usage for some people. Some also use the service as a supplement to their existing phone service. It alleviates fears of going over their plan’s allowances and experiencing high costs for phone usage. Others were just fine with the free service as it was.

The United Kingdom’s market will have options for extending the free service. As of September of 2015, FreedomPop on itunes is still working on finalizing these new expansion plans. The plans beyond the basic, free plan will cost anywhere between 4.99 pounds to 16.99 pounds. This is still quite a saving from normal costs of phone services. The company buys usage in bulk and relies on wifi networks.

FreedomPop plans to sign up its new UK customers quickly and efficiently, using their complete online sign up. The sign up can be found on their website. It’s easy to get started in their program and start saving money on the phone bills. Eventually, FreedomPop plans to launch its services in retail locations. This will popularize the brand more and make it a common name among UK residents. They plan to start doing this as soon as possible, as the chief executive has been in talks with a few major retail sellers. This is only the first step of many to gain international recognition for providing free and low cost internet and phone services to people all over the world.