Visual Searching With Slyce

If you own a mobile gadget, you may be preparing for an app or a new technology enter the device. If you are looking down that road, you may be imagining the day when you can do anything with the press of a button. You may be anticipating a technology that will without fail make your life a breeze, be it traveling to a new destination or doing your routine chore. Your needs, wants, taste and decisions are handled based on your previous likings. The role of visual search technology is an incredible one in this arena, not to mention its reliability and price.

Visual Search Technology is at the forefront whether you want to locate your destination or research a product. This new tool utilizes the images from apps and links the product in the real world. In other words, rather than describing the product that you are about to buy, explore or study through words and phrases, simply take a picture and convey the message. Through this technology, you will be able to accurately access the content that facilitates e-commerce and categorization.

Begin with uploading pictures into your smartphone. You are at home or in the middle of a desert. The uploading process may have started only a few seconds ago or you have the picture stored in the system. The source can be anywhere from laptop, cell phone to flyer and billboard. The app will then guide the user through a series of actions such as posting on social network, transferring to a retail store website, buying a product or selling online. The images can be shared, pixel by pixel and detail by detail to the end user. This technology uses image recognition to look for similar content in the database thereby matching the photo with the content. The app can be a native photo app or any specific app meant for the purpose. In addition, the technology has the ability to match the picture without the need for bar code scan.

Slyce Inc is the leading provider of Visual Search technology. This company, based in Toronto, launched its first visual search technology platform in the beginning of the year 2013. Since then, it has expanded its business to various locations all over Canada and the United States. The company has partnered with a number of retailers including health-care and transportation, while providing customers a hassle-free shopping experience.

Ryan Gosling in Talks to Star in Blade Runner Sequel

Ryan Gosling is in talks to star in the upcoming sequel to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. However, this upcoming Blade Runner follow up will not be directed by Ridley Scott, himself. Instead, the film will be helmed by Dennis Villeneuve. Even though Ridley Scott is not directing the upcoming Blade Runner sequel and is instead focusing on his franchise, Prometheus, he has been developing the screenplay along with some of the other original workers on the first movie.

Given Ryan Gosling’s habit of working with lesser known filmmakers who bring unique visions to the screen, this might actually be up his alley. Ryan Gosling is likely to play a lead role in the film. There is no telling whether he is going to be a protagonist or one of the antagonist. Harrison Ford is going to reprise his role as Deckard.

There was rumors that the main protagonist is going to be female. Ryan Gosling’s potential joining of this cast does not make it any less likely. Executive Dan Newlin (Newlin’s Yelp) joked that it is just as likely that Ryan Gosling is going to play a supporting role to the female lead.

Scientology Documentary Shines Light on Tom Cruise

An HBO documentary about the Church of Scientology called “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” is set to be released in movie theaters Friday, March 13. In it, Alex Gibney shines a spotlight on the organization that developed a “religion” from fictional works written by L. Ron Hubbard.

Gibney supposedly reveals evidence of the Church of Scientology harming Cruise’s life without him realizing it. It is rumored that there are sections of the film that show Scientologists purposely destroying both of Cruise’s marriages.

In some many countries, the Church of Scientology is recognized as a church. In many more, it is recognized as a cult. Beyond their cult status, Scientologists are well-known for looking down on people of other faiths.

Many fans and critics of Tom Cruise are now wondering if the documentary will severely harm the 52-year-old actor’s career since it shows him in a less than mentally healthy light. Some people believe that Cruise’s career, which has been highly successful, would have been more so if he was not linked with Scientology.

Since leadership of the Church of Scientology are extremely well-known for suing anyone who criticizes their faith, HBO hired 160 lawyers to review the film and practice higher education customer service, while preparing for inevitable backlash.

Details on ‘The Purge 3’ Under Wraps

Horror and suspense films have a long history of spawning any number of sequels. The box office success of a franchise that is built around the principle of making all crime legal for one night is set to issue a third film. When “The Purge” was released the originality of the concept was something that made fans such as Sultan Alhokair of all sorts of franchises take notice, but when it comes to details on the third movie in the franchise producers are being quiet.

According to Screen Rant, “The Purge 3” will not be about the very first time period that allowed everyone a release for their homicidal tendencies. With the third installment scheduled for a 2016 release date, production duties on the film have been started by James DeMonaco, but Platinum Dunes, the studio behind the franchise, is not releasing any spoilers about the film. However, the groups are apparently okay with shooting down rumors.

The actual focus of the third film will likely be kept under wraps for a little while longer, but fans of the series have not been led astray so far. Therefore it seems likely that a few months of secrecy could actually benefit the sequel by building up some anticipation and buzz. Of course, whether or not a fourth and fifth film in the franchise will be released is also up in the air, but if audiences are welcoming to the third film, the sky is the limit.

My Best Friend Is In Africa, And I Found Her On Skout

I am a type of person that likes to socialize, so it was no problem when I joined Skout. I first joined the Skout website, and when I found myself falling in love with the network, I decided to get the app. The app allowed me to use the social media network on my phone, and to talk to different people throughout the day. I signed up for an account, and it only took me a few minutes to do. I created a profile, adding my picture, some of my interests, and a bit of personal information. After I finished with my profile, I decided to search for people to talk to.

I had a specific type of person I was looking to talk to, and I wanted them to be in my local area. Although this was a great idea, I was finding a limited amount of people that I wanted to talk to in my local area, and I decided to broaden my horizons. I found out that Skout has users in dozens of countries all over the world, so I decided to utilize this information. Instead of doing a specific search like I normally do, I used the “shake to talk” feature, which is amazing. I spent hours on it the first day, shaking my phone, and waiting for a new person to show up on my screen. Those who showed up, we talked, those who didn’t interest me, I moved on.

I reviewed a certain girl’s profile, and it turned out she had a lot of the same interests as me, but she just so happened to be in Africa, and I live in the USA. I was not even going to bother making a long conversation, but I was intrigued by this person. I thought it was very cool that she and I had so many of the same interests, but we lived half a world apart from each other. After we talked the first day, I decided to add her to my favorites list. I didn’t see her online again for a couple days, because we are in different time zones. When I looked her up on my favorites list, I found her again, and we began to chat.

I found myself enjoying her company so much, I got curious and wanted to know if she had also added me as a favorite. In order to access this feature, I had to purchase Skout points. The points were low priced, and I bought some points, so I could find out if this girl added me as a favorite. I found out that she had added me as a favorite, and it made me feel a bit special. Using the points, I also was able to find out which other Skout members were searching for me, which aided me as to who I should add to my favorites list. No matter who I befriended, I really stuck with the girl from Africa.

This lady in Africa, spoke to me every time I was on Skout. We even linked up on Facebook. I decided to send her greetings, and virtual gifts, which can be purchased using the Skout points too. We plan to meet over the summer, but our friendship is very dear, and close to my heart. Thanks to Skout, I was able to find a best friend in another country.

The 1970’s Makes A Comeback In The Fashion World

The beginning of every new year carries with it a curiosity about what is to become. Every year we look forward to finding out what the new fashion trend will be. This year is no different.

The fashion forecast for spring, 2015 will hit the runways soon. A throwback from the 1970’s is predicted to make a strong comeback in the fashion world. Of course, this will come with a new twist, to make 2015’s signature mark on style.

The beginning of every new year carries with it a curiosity about what is to become. Every year we look forward to finding out what the new fashion trend will be. This year Bernardo Chua knows is no different.

The fashion forecast for spring, 2015 will hit the runways soon. A throwback from the 1970’s is predicted to make a strong comeback in the fashion world.

Look for pants to have a slight flare at the bottom. Sophisticated one piece outfits paired with a fitted jacket will be the craze.

The hippie look of days gone by may also be making their way into your wardrobe. This may send some college students to Goodwill stores looking for that 60’s, 70’s flower child look, according to Peace signs and wooden necklaces will also be in vogue.

What goes around comes around. This is especially true for the fashion forcast for 2015. The 1960’s and 1970’s influence will make their mark on modern day fashions

“The Interview” Premiere Cancelled Due to Threats

The new movie “The Interview” starring James Franco and Seth Rogen has drawn the ire of the group claiming responsibility for the Sony Pictures hack. Calling themselves the “Guardians of Peace” they have made threats to movie theaters and individuals across the nation for showing or attending “The Interview” movie.

Many prominent theater chains have even made the difficult decision to pull the movie from their lineup as threats continue to pose a problem for potential ticket sales. According to a recent, Buzzfeed article, ArcLight Cinemas and Carmike Cinemas, two of the largest theater chains in the country have decided not to show the movie in their theaters.

The “Guardians of Peace” group has claimed responsibility for the hack of Sony Pictures which has released thousands of personal emails, revealed entire scripts for upcoming hit movies, and given away many insider trade secrets. The future of Sony Pictures is in question as they struggle to deal with the fallout from this theft. It has been rumored that Sony Pictures may not even be able to recover from the hack and that if their current slate of movies does not fare well they may be facing bankruptcy. It seems that the threats of violence against moviegoers is too much for theaters to handle. Whatever the case may be, Gianfrancesco Genoso and I are all for anything with James Franco (we even saw Spring Breakers), so we’ll be there.

Concept Art Released For Live-Action Version of Jungle Book

The live-action version of the Jungle Book, which is scheduled for release in late 2015, recently unveiled its concept art and logo. The production unveiled the artwork for this new release via their Twitter account. What’s funny is just the other day, Susan McGalla and I were talking about how many memories we have from the animated classic. This should be an exciting time for fans of Disney’s live-action films. The schedule for this movie is appearing to be right on schedule.

The live-action version of the jungle book will have a host of stars and should easily be a blockbuster when it is released. It will feature Bill Murray as Baloo, Ben Kingsley as Bagheera, Christopher Walken starring as King Louie, Scarlett Johannson as Kaa, Idris Elba as Shere Khan, and new actor Neel Sethi as the Mowgli character.

The release of the concept art is a big step forward in this latest Disney project. With an all-star cast there is hardly any questioning the fact that this movie will be poised to become a financial success. For more information on the movie, go here. The question remains what kind of reviews this movie will receive. It will depend on how well the movie is directed and how cohesive the actors who are working on this film are. In order to produce a hit film it is truly a team effort, and time will tell if this latest offering by Disney will be an acting masterpiece or not.

The 10 Hottest And Worst Television Couples Of 2014

With every series comes a couple, here is a list of the hottest couples we got to witness living their scripted lives in 2014. 

1. Taystee Jefferson and Pouseey Washington from “Orange Is the New Black”: They kissed one time and it was a pity kiss. Why they are one of the hottest is that Taystee was thrown back into jail just to see Poussey once again. Poussey stood up for Taystee and shown real love. 

2. Frank and Claire UnderwoodFrank and Claire Underwood from “House of Cards”: They have been married for quite a long time and proved to be a power couple even though they have an open marriage. They were chosen because even though they have their problems, Francis is extremely protective over his lovely wife. 

3. Cory and Topanga Mathews from “Girl Meets World”: Ever since junior high they loved each other and fans like John Textor love it. Now, they are married and face the world while taking care of their children. Still working together as a team, they take on the world and normality. 

4. Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson from “Masters of Sex”: They are having an affair for medical purposes, they are pretty much having sex all over the place. Even though they are not really in a relationship, they just match up.

Terry Richardson, One of the World’s Foremost Photographers, in a Snapshot

American fashion and portrait photographer, Terrance “Terry” Richardson, is not your average photographer. Richardson has shot for large names and brands such as: Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent, Supreme, Sisley, and many more. In addition, he has done work for magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vice, GQ, Vogue, and Rolling Stone.

Richardson, born on August 14, 1965, was raised in New York City by his mother Norma Kessler and Bob Richardson. Richardson’s father struggled with schizophrenia and drug abuse, which took part in the divorce with Richardson’s mother. After moving around a bit, Richard settled down in Ojai, California, where he attended Nordhoff High School at the age of 16. During these and the later years he dabbled as a bass player in various bands such as The Invisible Government, Signal Street Alcoholics, Doggy Style, Baby Fist, and Middle Finger.

It was said that Richardson’s mother introduced him to his first camera at the age of 17. The years of his punk rock life were documented in snapshot form. At the age of 27, Richardson finally left his passion for music and moved back to New York City. At the age of 29, he published his first fashion photos in Vibe. The next year, Richardson’s photos were featured in Katharine Hamnett’s spring 1995 collection. With the success of Hamnett’s campaign, Richardson moved to London, England to work for magazines such as The Face and Arena.

More recently, in 2012, Richardson released his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. The exhibition took place at the OHWOW Gallery and was titled “TERRYWOOD”. His exhibition ran from February 24 to March 31, 2012. Later that year, Richardson released a viral video of Kate Upton performing the Cat Daddy dance for Richardson in his studio. This viral video served as an excellent channel for viewers to get to know more about Richardson and his endeavors. Gaga’s documentary, entitled ARTPOP, was released toward the end of 2013 with her album also titled ARTPOP.

While photography was an excellent and profitable endeavor for Richardson, he didn’t stop at snapshots. Richardson has been successfully directing music videos since the late 1990s, including Beyonce’s music video for “XO,” Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want,” and Taylor Swift’s “The Last Time.”

Richardson’s love for being in the public eye doesn’t just stop at fashion and the arts. He’s been involved with charities such as RxArt, a charity that donates art to children’s hospitals, and assisted with a charity egg hunt in New York City sponsored by the House of Faberge.

Through all of this, Richardson’s style and aim is quite distinct. Moreover, there are several recurring themes in Richardson’s work that put a signature on his productions. It is noted that his style involves putting popular celebrities in everyday situations, photographing or shooting them from pedestrian shots with items such as an instant camera.

Richardson is a well respected artist in his field with accolades from models including Noot Seear, Daisy Lowe, Charlotte Free, Marc Jacobs, and Vice Co-founder Gavin McInnes.

Make sure to follow his Twitter feed, as well as his Instagram if you want to see more.