Life Is Easier Thanks To Slyce’s Take On Visual Search

It is an interesting day and age in fashion. The industry is growing at an alarming rate, and it is probably due to the ease of purchasing items online. eCommerce websites in India are actually at an all time high, according to an article by Live Mint. In that same article, a young developer named Ram Prakash makes several interesting claims about eCommerce, the fashion industry and the online shopping industry. It would make sense that they are all interconnected, but his claims seem to shed some new light on how much they depend on each other in order to make changes, grow and make profits.

Claims About Fashion Industry

Ram Prakash claims that the fashion industry runs off of visual cues, and he asserts that the cues needed to facilitate a well oiled machine that the fashion industry attempts to become are not present in the current infrastructure. The current infrastructure, in fact, is made up of a fashion industry that is supplying their products due to data feeds. The analytics that the fashion industry uses, much like the data that is being used by other areas of retail (such as home improvement or lifestyle retailers) is often not helping retailers to make quick decisions.

Slyce is using image recognition and doing their best to provide retailers with an accurate description of how consumers are viewing products. The company works to connect consumers to their actual environment in a way that consumers can just reach out with their camera to make a purchase. Consumers can use Slyce to directly connect with the online marketplace without having to go through the tough job of searching with keywords. The long, annoying keyword searches can take forever, which frustrates many consumers. It leaves people wanting their products, but not finding what they want, so they quit looking online. They go to the store instead. Slyce, however, has made online shopping worthwhile once again.

Slyce has developed some exciting new products. The top of the line of visual search is available through Slyce’s platform. They are bringing a new take on visual search straight to the hands of the people that user online shopping the most. People are using Slyce to find the exact models, the exact products that they want to purchase. There’s no longer a need to go through struggles finding the right keywords thanks to Slyce.