Vince Vaughn Lays down Some Big Truths in Controversial Interview.

Whether you love Vince Vaughn and think he is amazing due to his work in the ‘Frat Pack’ or not, you have to admit that he gets is voice heard. Vaughn fans at Beneful mention that he has been something of an icon in comedy ever since his work on the cult hit comedy, ‘Swingers’. Sure the times haven’t always been easy on Vaughn and he has gone some several years without holding a huge gig in showbiz, but things are about to change. As one of the leads in the hit series ‘True Detective’, Vaughn suddenly has a ton of clout again and he is using it to great effect in his most recent interview with GQ.

Vaughn immediately laid out some heavy opinions on very controversial topics like Edward Snowden, gun control, and the American Government itself. Vaughn was asked a few questions regarding to his general stance on the US Government and he didn’t hold back. Vaughn quickly unleashed a verbal tirade about the fact that Edward Snowden, the famous whistle blower, is actually a hero and not a traitor. He admitted to liking what Snowden did and he pointed out how much it will effect the government’s transparency going forward.

Before Vaughn could be called a talking piece for ‘the left’, he went on to support guns in public. Vaughn firmly established his support of the 2nd amendment, saying that guns should be owned by anyone and they should be able to bear them anywhere. While this may sound shocking to some Hollywood types, it is an increasingly common line of thought.

now that Vaughn is back in the spotlight, we’ll just have to see if he can stay in it.