Securus Technologies Is A Respected Brand In Criminal Technology

Securus Technologies is well established within the criminal technology industry. It has been in operation for many years and is counted upon by a number of different crime prevention organizations throughout the country. Securus has expertise in the detailed knowledge that goes into managing correctional facilities and participates in complicated issues such as inmate-on-inmate crimes. The organization is based in Dallas Texas and continues to work with public safety organizations, corrections agencies and law enforcement bureaus throughout the United States. Securus Technologies continues to be a leader in its field by paying close attention to the market, and understanding the needs of its clients.


Securus Technologies has its foundation in prison technologies. It is a trusted organization throughout the United States that has been in business since 1986. There are offices in Atlanta Georgia as well as Texas. Securus has a staff of over 1,000 employees who are in charge of managing up to 2600 contracts with correctional facilities around the nation. Securus Technologies has continued to invest in its infrastructure and ensure the growth of its organization. It spent up to six hundred million dollars in acquisitions and patents in a three-year period. Offender Management Systems was one of the company’s acquisitions in 2007. Before the merger Offender Management had being the leader of the criminal technologies industry.


Securus Technologies went on to tackle the complicated issue of cell phone contraband. They introduced a system that was approved by five different corrections facilities by the year 2016. The company teamed with the Harris Corporation on Cell Defender technology in order to create a solution that prevented cell phones on the inside of facilities from connecting with outside mobile networks. The package was introduced in 2007 and it set Securus Technologies apart from its competitors within the industry. Cell Defender technology will play a huge role in preventing possible criminal activity. It will also assist corrections facility agents with investigation efforts.


Securus acquired JPay as a method to broaden its scope within the criminal technology industry. JPay is a groundbreaking company that had contracts with correctional facilities in 33 different states throughout the country. The organization specializes in email, electronic payments and entertainment systems for corrections facilities. JPay was blazing a trail that leaders at Securus Technologies had to pay attention to. JPay will be operating as an independent subsidiary of Securus Technologies while it continues to open doors within a growing industry. Executives of Securus will learn from the JPay’s business model and allow it to affect the way the company approaches business with future clients.


Securus Technologies – Staying in Touch with Families Made Easier for Inmates

Securus Technologies recently introduced video visitation services in some of the correctional facilities across the country. The virtual visits by the family members of the inmates will soon replace the face-to-face meetings as they are more convenient and cost-friendly. The new services are also expected to reduce the cost of running the prison. The correctional deputies can concentrate on other important tasks rather than escorting the inmates to and from the visitation areas of the prisons.


The best part about this service by Securus Technologies is that the prisons are not paying anything for the entire system. The inmate families bear the cost of the calls, but still, it is much cheaper for them. They do not have to pay for the gas to drive to the facility and also have to miss a day of work that can cost them money.


Being in prison can be a tough time for the inmates as they have to deal with a lot of difficulties. I was in prison for 18 months, and I cannot imagine going back again. What kept me going were the video visitation services from Securus Technologies. While most people talk about the benefits that it offers to the prison officials, they have been a life saver for all the inmates inside too.


I was able to speak to my wife and young children who live in another State than where my prison was located. She did not have to spend money and time to travel to the State to visit me just for a few months. I was able to be in constant touch with my family and build closer ties. When I was released, my children recognized me instantly as if they have seen and talked to me almost every day. I cannot thank Securus Technologies enough to help me maintain a good relationship with my family even when I was not there with them physically.



Community Protection and Securus Technologies Offender Tracking Services

A major unit within the Securus Technologies group of companies is called Satellite Tracking of People, LLC. The very straightforward name of the enterprise accurately describes what the company does. Indeed, this Securus Technologies enterprise is the largest provider of GPS offender monitoring services, an devices, in business in the United States today.


Securus Technologies provides GPS offender monitoring services in five general areas: pre-trial monitoring, probation monitoring parole monitoring, home detention, and community corrections monitoring. These services provided by Securus Technologies enhance the overall safety of the community in relationship to offenders that have at least some access to the public at large.


Securus Technologies provides the latest GPS technology, and combines it with experience in tracking offenders in different settings. The process ensures that offenders whereabouts are documented and that they are in compliance with any restrictions placed upon them.


Not only does the GPS equipment and associated service protect the community by monitoring offender compliance, it is also invaluable should an offender elect to violate the conditions that permit that individual at least some community access. For example, if an offender violates where he or she is permitted to be, the system alerts of the fact.


This efficiency best ensures that a violating offender can be properly dealt with in a timely manner by supervisory staff and law enforcement personnel. This type of rapid alert system provides the community with a much needed level of protection from offenders who elect to go out of compliance with mandatory terms and conditions of their release or access into the community.


The use of Securus Technologies offender tracking equipment and services saves money, which is a significant benefit in these challenging economic times.