George Soros: Trump is Doing ISIS’s Work

After looking at Donald Trump and listening to his ideas on how to deal with the immigration issue, George Soros compares Trump to ISIS. It is clear that George Soros does not agree with Trump at all when he compares him to a terrorist group. ISIS has taken over the middle east for a while. While there is a legitimate threat of terrorism, Donald Trump’s way of handling them by closing out the borders to Muslims is seen as extreme by George Soros. George Soros also implies that it adds to the problem of terrorism because it might give Muslims no other choice but to resort to acts of terrorism.

While George Soros might be dismissed by some to be partisan, he is someone that should be listened to on various issues. Among the issues that he should be given attention in is the economy. Forbes billionaire George Soros is usually spot on in his prediction about certain economic issues and what can be done to solve it. One thing he notices is that the economy is headed for another downturn that is very similar to the 2008 crisis. He has looked at the different signs of the economy in order to figure out whether or not it is going to fall.

Among the signs of the global crisis is the economical issue that is going on with China right now. China is facing some serious problems that has resulted from its over lending. Also, China is trying to find a different model that will work better for the country. The crisis of China has started to carry over into the other parts of the world. Given all that is happening in China, this could be another victim of the crisis that started in 2011 in Greece with the debt crunch.

Then there are the issues in the Ukraine with Russia. According to George Soros, the crisis in Greece was mishandled in Germany by Merkel. Her methods only made the issue worse in the long run with the charging of large interest rates. Among the reasons that the Ukraine is facing a lot of opposition from Russia is the reform. Russia has attacked Ukraine because of President Putin’s opposition to the new Ukraine that is in the development process.

George Soros has seen glimpses of the new Ukraine which was supposed to be based on equality as opposed to the more exploitative nature of the old Ukraine. One of the factors that sets Putin against the Ukraine and the EU is that it is against the current ways that allows people in power to use their position to exploit those that are under them. The new reform that is coming stands in the in the way of that.