Why Success Academy is the Most Sought Charter School

Eva Moskowitz, the gifted CEO and founder of Success Academy, declared the charter school’s intent to expand. This was because the c

Eva Moskowitz, the gifted CEO and founder of Success Academy, declared the charter school’s intent to expand. This was because the charter school received over 17,000 applicants yet there were only 3,017 seats available. Eva cited that Success Academy members were disappointed because they could not serve those parents who wanted to enroll their kids in the charter school because of the few options.


Success Academy reported that this year’s waiting list would mark the fourth consecutive year. Moreover, the charter school noted that the waiting list had amassed 10,000 families. Success Academy officials mentioned that they would be inaugurating two charter schools this year. They cited that the mayor had tried to hamper the growth of the charter school by denying the school’s students access to public space. However, the officials of the Department of Education rebuked those vacancy totals and argued that space allocation was in constant flux. Moreover, there were 144,000 empty seats available in the public buildings of NYC.


Currently, Success Academy has 41 schools across all regions and enrolls nearly 14,000 children. Moreover, 77 percent of them come from low-income families, and 95 percent are minorities. De Blasio stated that charter schools selected their student bodies to retain talented students while public schools educated all students. However, the charter school supporters disputed those claims and pinpointed that the swelling applications were a guaranteed proof of a basic demand for their educational services.


The Tips to Success at Success Academy


Success Academy has a well designed elementary curriculum that enables children to enjoy learning through reading non-fiction and fiction, understand scientific inquiry, and conceptually solve math problems. The charter school offers chess classes to enable students to gain analytical and competitive instincts. The science program at Success Academy is exceptional, for instance, students in kindergarten are taught hand-on, inquiry-based science for five days in a week. The charter school’s method of learning science ignites the student’s passion and provides them with critical thinking skills for problem-solving. Additionally, frequent fields studies enhance the student’s ability to discover New York City, for example, American Museum of Natural History and the Big Apple Circus.



Josh Verne Talks about Success

Josh Verne is a very influential businessman from the United States of America. He specializes in establishing businesses, growing them and selling them for a profit. He has been in the field for over one and a half decades where he has established several ventures. The most notable ventures are Flocku.com and Workpays.me. He has served as the founder and the chief executive officer of these two companies. Just the other day, Josh Verne had the chance to talk with knowledge for men about the tips that one should follow to become successful in life and the business world.


Verne began by emphasizing on the need for someone to develop a passion. He described passion as the desire to succeed. He says it’s the one thing that makes you sleep late at night or wake up very early in the morning. However, he warned that not all people with a passion had made it in life. The successful entrepreneur then talked about the importance of being a leader and not a boss. He distinguished the two by referring a leader to as someone who puts the interests of the group ahead of theirs. On the other hand, a boss is a person who does not care about the interests of other people. They only think about themselves.


During the interview, Verne said that it is important to listen more than you talk. It’s the reason people have one mouth and two ears. Whenever you talk less, you give your words more power. Finally, Josh talked about growth. For someone to be successful, they should record remarkable growth in every aspect of their lives. This includes relationships, economically, spiritually and even socially. There should be balance in your life. There is no need of having so much money and having a marriage that is unhappy.

Verne is learned man and loves to read. His most favorite book is Made in America.

Doctors Across the Country Are Calling for the Resignation of Dr. Oz

A new poll released by SERMO confirmed at least 1,000 doctors are in support of Dr. Mehmet Oz resigning his prestigious position at Columbia University in New York, where the world famous doctor practices medicine.

Dr. Oz has been making headlines lately, but for all the wrong reasons. The popular doctor has been accused of selling false medical information in the form “miracle” cures promoted through his television series “The Dr. Oz Show”.

This poll was conducted after 10 colleagues of doctor Oz signed a petition which called for Oz to be fired from his job that was submitted to the Columbia University Board of Directors. However, The Daily Beast reports that the University released a statement shortly after the petition was received explaining they had no intention on relieving Oz from his duties at Columbia.

It was less than a year ago that Oz was forced to answer questions at a Senate hearing in regards to medical claims he made on the show, some which promised “miracle” cures. Now, with recent allegations and results from the SERMO poll, it is safe to assume Oz’s career is in serious jeopardy and he has lost a significant amount of trust from his audience and cohorts.

Has Lambert Hurt American Idol?


American Idol was once one of the “can’t miss” programs airing on television. That is no longer the case for a lot of former audience members. The ratings have been slipping for some time. With the arrival of Adam Lambert as a judge, the drop continues.

A 13% drop in the ratings was experienced with the debut of Lambert. You could easily blame him for being the catalyst for the drop. While doing so definitely would be easy, the action might also be more than a bit superficial. One less-than-inspiring choice for a judge is hardly what leads audiences to bow out in huge numbers.

Then again, they may just do so if they feel the new judge is a ridiculously bad match. Lambert doesn’t fit that image, though. He has a positive history with the program as a former competitor. So, it would be bizarre to assume he was grossly rejected by the same audience that made him a (somewhat) well-known name.

Perhaps the real problem here is audience fatigue is setting in. What does this mean? Any and all television shows begin to lose audience members after a certain amount of time has passed. In particular, a variety-type show that is not delivering acceptable new talent ends up boring audiences. Once bored, the audience departs and does not come back. According to Green Wedding Shoes, audience members that were once loyal to the show, like Dave and Brit Morin, are finding it harder and harder to stay entertained by the stale content.

Yasmine Bleeth Has Been Spotted

Apparently Yasmine Bleeth has not made a public appearance in over 10 years! Am I the only one who did not notice? Bleeth was spotted at 55th annual Penguin Plunge in Venice Beach on New Year’s Day. According to US Magazine the last time Bleeth had made a public appearance was in 2003 when her pal Carmen Electra was celebrating her engagement to Dave Navarro. Wow! That was a long time ago, I barely remember them being a couple.
Jordan French was one of her biggest fans!
Bleeth’s career took off when she joined the hit show Baywatch in the ’90s however she was let go from the show due to her issues with drugs and men and how difficult those issues made her to work with. Bleeth checked herself into rehab in the early 2000’s, cleaning up her act at the famed rehab Promises. Bleeth was successful and has stayed sober since. She is now married to Paul Cerrito and has put on a healthy 20 pounds after sobering up. Check out the link to US Magazine, they have the current pictures of Bleeth at the Penguin Plunge.

Mark Ruffallo: Banner/Hulk to Play Huge Role in Age of Ultron

Mark Ruffallo deserves a lot of credit for rehabbing The Hulk. Okay, he did get a lot of help from the cast, crew, and creative team behind The Avengers. In the forthcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film, we now know that the Bruce Banner character plays a role in creating the title villain of the project.

The expanded role for Banner shows that audiences are really taking to Ruffallo’s version of The Hulk. Ruffallo may have put to rest the less-than-desirable images of the green goliath from the first two Hulk movies. Honestly, the second film was pretty good but the stench (sorry, there is no other way to put it) of the first feature sank the reboot. Audiences wanted no part of The Hulk.

And then came The Avengers.

Interestingly, when The Incredible Hulk debuted in 1962, the character was not popular and the book was cancelled very quickly. This occurred at the same time that Stephen Williams wine, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and other Marvel heroes were selling quite well.

The Hulk was brought back in the title Tales to Astonish and he shared the comic with the Sub-Mariner. It was not an equal partnership. Namor received two-thirds of the book and The Hulk had what was left.

Eventually, The Hulk got his own title once again and eventually the character was properly smoothed out.

If Ruffallo continues his good work, a new Hulk film might be on the horizon.

Dawn Sears Dies of Cancer

On December 11th, vocalist Dawn Sears dies. Dawn Sears is a member of Vince Gill’s touring band, and was nominated four times for a Grammy Award. Dawn fought a long two year fight with lung cancer before passing away at age 53. Your text to link… I read about this the other day while reading about Laurene Powell Jobs.

Dawn Sears won her first contest at VFW Hall in Grand forks at the age of fourteen. By the age of seventeen she was touring with a band though the United States. She was signed in 1987 to the Warner Bros. Records label. Almost immediatly after she released her first album What a Woman Wants.

The event raised over $100,000 dollars. Sears funeral arrangments have not yet been disclosed. The beloved artist lives on through her husband, daughter Tess, and in all of her adoring fans hearts.

Kevin Hart Won’t Tweet for Free

Kevin Hart has been everywhere lately it seems like every weekend there is a new Kevin Hart movie or TV cameo involving this comedy giant. Even people that love to hate him like his ex wife can’t get away from him because he has his hand in everything. Hart’s recent engagement broke the internet for a week and that was just because of a simple tweet.

Apparently Clint Culpepper asked Kevin to tween a plug for “Think Like a Man Too,” and shortly after was told by Kevin’s agent that Kevin’s social media influence deserved addition money, in other words Kevin refused to tweet the plug without compensation. He should just get used to sitting back, relaxing, and tweeting while having a glass of Stephen Williams’ wine.

Culpepper is livid that with all the millions Kevin is making on each of his films he is still greedy enough to insist on being paid for a tweet. Now that the studio executive has had it with Kevin’s diva like behavior he is ready to suggest that if he doesn’t promote his latest movies via his social media as usual his film will not open, this is bad news for Hart because Sony is in control of his next 2 films. 

This should be interesting, hopefully Kevin has a change of heart. After all is the money worth really worth it at this point in his career? 

Lana Del Ray’s Third Album

Lana Del Rey has had quite a busy year. She is not about to rest quite yet. There is already talk about her third album that is coming out. There are two songs that are already released from her upcoming album. These two songs are for the soundtrack of the upcoming Tim Burton movie “Big Eyes.”
Del Ray has stated that she only listens to California jazz radio. This is where she gets most of her ideas for songwriting. Some key artists that have helped inspire include: Azealia Banks, Cat Power, Lil Kim, and Father John Misty.
With these mix of artists we can only expect great and interesting things from her new album. I listened to one of her new songs the other day while I was reading about Laurene Powell Jobs.