Tyga Faces Another Lawsuit

Tyga has more problems than most people could handle right now. In the recent past, Tyga was served papers for a lawsuit right in front of the cameras. Tyga was at a shoe selling and signing benefit when someone gave him papers to go to court. Now Tyga is being sued again for $10,000 for homeowners association fees. Tyga Lawsuit. It’s been said that Tyga is not paying his fees, he’s having loud parties, he’s allowing anyone into the gated community without permission, and he is doing whatever he feels. Jornadacriminosa.com‘s team in association with Gianfrancesco Genoso agree this isn’t the best move that Tyga could make.

Tyga does not seem to care about his legal problems, maybe because he has so many personal problems going on as well. In his personal life, his baby mother is trying to gain full custody of their only son, King. Tyga is also dating Kylie Jenner, who he previously claimed that he was only friends with. After the couple’s been seen repeatedly in public , Tyga finally admitted that he is seeing the 17 year old. Because of the fact that Tyga is dating a 17 year old, Blac Chyna, the mother of his child, wants his parental rights abolished.

It doesn’t stop there. Blac Chyna’s mother, Toni, has also gone on a rant against Tyga and his underage girlfriend. Unfortunately, another girl who claims to have dated Tyga, recently came out and stated that Tyga gave her a urinary tract infection. I guess it’s true what they say, more money more problems!