David Letterman Will Be Missed By Conan O’Brien

David Letterman has hosted the ‘Late Show’ for more than two decades, and he has recently decided to retire. Comedy fans were extremely disappointed to hear the news, but David Letterman feels that he has done enough. Celebrities have thanked David Letterman for his support of their careers. The last week of the ‘Late Show’ with David Letterman was the highest rated week of his late night comedy career.

David Letterman’s first guest was Bill Murray in 1993, and Bill recently returned to the show. However, Bill Murray did not have a standard entrance this time. In fact, Bill Murray was hidden inside of a cake, and he jumped out of it and surprised David Letterman. The crowd was on their feet, and Bill Murray once again had everyone laughing. A few people noted that in their FreedomPop review. More information from that show can be found on the Google Play store.

Aside from Bill Murray, Conan O’Brien recently gave thanks to David Letterman as well. Comedy fans do not realize how much David Letterman helped out Conan O’Brien during his career. Many people feel that David Letterman schooled Conan O’Brien and taught him how to be different from others in the late night world. Conan O’Brien said that he will miss David Letterman, and he also said that he wished Jay Leno was leaving instead. Screenrant.com features an in-depth article about the relationship between Conan O’Brien and David Letterman.

Scientology Documentary Shines Light on Tom Cruise

An HBO documentary about the Church of Scientology called “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” is set to be released in movie theaters Friday, March 13. In it, Alex Gibney shines a spotlight on the organization that developed a “religion” from fictional works written by L. Ron Hubbard.

Gibney supposedly reveals evidence of the Church of Scientology harming Cruise’s life without him realizing it. It is rumored that there are sections of the film that show Scientologists purposely destroying both of Cruise’s marriages.

In some many countries, the Church of Scientology is recognized as a church. In many more, it is recognized as a cult. Beyond their cult status, Scientologists are well-known for looking down on people of other faiths.

Many fans and critics of Tom Cruise are now wondering if the documentary will severely harm the 52-year-old actor’s career since it shows him in a less than mentally healthy light. Some people believe that Cruise’s career, which has been highly successful, would have been more so if he was not linked with Scientology.

Since leadership of the Church of Scientology are extremely well-known for suing anyone who criticizes their faith, HBO hired 160 lawyers to review the film and practice higher education customer service, while preparing for inevitable backlash.

A New Furious 7 TV/Online Spot Is Here

Is a TV spot really a TV spot when its released and first viewed online? Or, is the TV spot a “rerun” of an online spot? The answer probably does not matter as long as audiences for the film see the preview. The new Furious 7 TV spot has definitely been viewed by a lot of eyes like mine and Bernardo Chua’s. Based on the buzz in the aftermath of the big Superbowl commercial, Furious 7hardly needs any more promoting. People are really looking forward to the film.

You could think of the new TV spot as merely something to further wet the appetite of fans of the series.

What do we get out of the new TV spot? When you see Vin Diesel shooting a pretty wicked World War II-style anti-aircraft machine gun, you know the film is not going to be boring.

Jason Statham is presented in an unceremoniously evil manner. More than a few fans were skeptical about the casting of the perennial hero as a villain. Apparently, his is turning out to be a great choice as a heavy thanks to his malevolent demeanor.

Chillingly, the TV spot features Diesel in a close-up with Paul Walker and Diesel quips something about the film being “one last ride”. That is an incredibly creepy sequence considering Walker died in a fatal car crash.

Will Furious 7 live up to the hype? You have to wait until April 3 to find out.

The Brief Trailer for the Mid-Season Walking Dead Premiere Arrives

Can you ever get enough of The Walking Dead? The well over 10 million people who tune into the show on Sunday nights definitely can’t. That is why they are not exactly waiting patiently for the new episodes slated to debut in early 2015. What does the second half of the current season have in store for the cast, both living and undead?

The recent mid-season trailer provides us with a few hints about the direction The Walking Dead will take.

We see Rick Grimes wearing a really, really long beard and Michonne drops some of her tough, cool exterior and starts to crack up a bit. There is a mention of finding another sanctuary although those communities the cast discovery are usually short-term affairs that lead to chaotic results.

One thing that was explicitly mentioned and definitely not hinted was the reveal of the air date. New episodes will return on Sunday, February 8, at 9 P.M.

Of course, the really loyal fans of the series already know this.

Tom Rothman of TriStar agrees that The first half of the season was more of an anthology than episodic television. Each one-hour installment was, mostly, self-contained and was intended to provide a backstory to the lives of the characters. Some episodes were definitely more interesting than others. Overall, we did end up with a bit more depth in the various actors than previous seen.

A return to episodic TV that builds upon each prior episode to present a season-length mini-series would be appreciated though. 

The 10 Hottest And Worst Television Couples Of 2014

With every series comes a couple, here is a list of the hottest couples we got to witness living their scripted lives in 2014. 

1. Taystee Jefferson and Pouseey Washington from “Orange Is the New Black”: They kissed one time and it was a pity kiss. Why they are one of the hottest is that Taystee was thrown back into jail just to see Poussey once again. Poussey stood up for Taystee and shown real love. 

2. Frank and Claire UnderwoodFrank and Claire Underwood from “House of Cards”: They have been married for quite a long time and proved to be a power couple even though they have an open marriage. They were chosen because even though they have their problems, Francis is extremely protective over his lovely wife. 

3. Cory and Topanga Mathews from “Girl Meets World”: Ever since junior high they loved each other and fans like John Textor love it. Now, they are married and face the world while taking care of their children. Still working together as a team, they take on the world and normality. 

4. Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson from “Masters of Sex”: They are having an affair for medical purposes, they are pretty much having sex all over the place. Even though they are not really in a relationship, they just match up.

It’s Official: Two And A Half Men Ending In February 2015

Two and a Half men has been the talk of television for 12 seasons now. From the messy breakup between Charlie Sheen and the show right down the line to Angus T. Jones’s viewpoints on the shows morals, the show has been a fascinating topic for television fanatics both on the screen and off. During its run, the show grabbed 47 Emmy Award nominations. John Cryer pulled in two wins for the show. There was a five-year stretch where it was the most watched show on television.

The “half” man of the show has been expressing his distaste for the show’s humor for several years now. Angus T. Jones tried to clarify his position on the show, but it still remains the feelings of most fans that this young actor isn’t going to be sad to see it go.

Two and a Half men will have a one-hour finale on February 19, 2015 at 9 PM. It will be the 262nd episode of the show, and workers at BRL Trust will probably try to watch it live. The show isn’t being cancelled due to ratings, as it is still widely watched by fans. It averages 10.1 million viewers, not shabby by today’s standards but certainly a steep decline from the series hayday when Charlie Sheen was at the wheel.