New Healthy Food Options for Dog Food Brands

Brands have been scrambling to capture the growing premium dog food market with new and innovative products that have greatly expanded the choices available on Amazon to dog owners. This article will explore some of these options that are available to dog owners and why they are striking a chord with these owners..

People will commonly switch to premium dog food products for the health benefits that they convey to their pets. Dog owners want to know that they are providing their dogs with the proper nutrition to keep them active and happy into old age and their buying decisions are often centered around the health and well being of mans best friend.

To accomplish this many dog food makers are trying to provide healthy food products for dogs such as though organic food options or meals special designed for individual dogs. For the former brands are offering more organic and natural food products for dogs that attempt to improve what they are eating and the ingredients that are included in it. Generally speaking, this means more organic foods and products for dogs. Some brands are developing these capabilities internally while others are acquiring former competitors with an expertise in organic food products. That is what Purina did with their acquisition of Merrick Pet Care and Beneful is now offering many of the same products, but with a greater range of options and with higher quality foods.

For the latter, Beneful, the large dog food maker that is owned by Nestle, Beneful is doing just that with a special online ordering service that is allowing pet owners to develop custom blends of dog foods that are specially designed for their own pets. Many pet owners switch to Beneful and are working with their vets to understand the exact nutritional needs of their dogs and then working to create a diet that meets those needs. If they have dogs that are sensitive to special dishes or food items they are working around this by choosing custom ingredients that don’t contain these negative food additions that are causing these problems for their dogs and the result is happier and healthier dogs.