Chicago Businessman and Scoutahead Founder, Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is an exceptional businessman based in Chicago. He serves as the founder and CEO of Scoutahead. It is the second company that he started. Scoutahead offers services that are designed to advance growth and productivity using advanced communication systems. They are also secure.

Initially, Fernando had established Chopper Trading. That is after having a successful career that started while he was still in college. He first worked at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Fernando proceeded to serve in several capacities in the company. He also worked at the Chicago Board of Trade. Fernando served in the two firms from 1991-2001. He formed his first company Chopper Trading in 2002.

Fernando led the company and increased its employees to over 250. All the employees were brought on board using his unique rule of hiring. It is a different system from the approach used by many of his competitors. Fernando fancies a hiring process that is lengthy with the intention of enlisting employees that will retire from his company. That is the reason Chopper Trading has had a lot of success trading on Nasdaq, Fitzergerald-espeed, and LSE. The company also trades on the CME, Eurex, and ICE.

As an individual that has business in Chicago, Fernando points out that there is a lot happening in the city in terms of business that people are into talking about. He notes that Chicago has outgrown its transportation identity. Though it remains an important nexus linking the West to the East Coast, Chicago offers much more. It provides a healthy as well as a diverse ecosystem of business where businesses support each other. That explains the recent increase in the number of startups in the city.

Fernando supported the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission’s mission of promoting financially sound and competitive markets. He also supports philanthropic efforts. Fernando has contributed to Big Brother Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago in addition to Wounded Warriors. He sits on boards of PAWS Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, as well as American Security Project. Fernando joined the University College London following his graduation from Beloit College. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and history.

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