New Online Clip Features Classic Terminator Material

Terminator: Genisys is a very interesting film. The first two films in the series are iconic science-fiction classics. Both were also major box office hits. The third and fourth films, well, they were so disappointing the new film basically ignores them. Whether or not the new Terminator film will be a hit is anyone’s guess. The marketing department is working very hard at effectively promoting the film. It seems the strategy at work is to try and pull in older fans through appeals to nostalgia while attempting to attract younger viewers with a lot of sci-fi action and special effects.

The recently released online clips provides a decent mix of both. In the newest clip, clip we get a redo of action scenes and dialogue from Terminator I & II. As is the running theme with the film, the first two films are being combined into one with further original elements. Yes, that sounds a bit confusing. Before you end up too confused, a lot of action occurs and you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Will all of this eventually lead to the rebirth of The Terminator series? Will there be a second and third movie in the proposed trilogy? We have to wait to see the box office returns. The preview and trailers are, sadly, muddled. That could hurt sales since entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov suggests a series of muddled previews could indicate the screenplay is weak.