e-Governe: Providing a New Wave of Intelligent Technological Solutions for Government

The E-Governe system, implemented by Instituto Curitiba de Informática or the ICI, consists of three arms—Minauro, Sisteplan and Consult. Together, as E-Governe, they provide the most effective and efficient systems for any municipality or state.


Minauro is the developer—and has been constantly innovating in order to provide excellent and complete service for the past twenty years. It recently incorporated the company Perform, which has had a sterling track record since the 1980’s, thus increasing productivity even more. You can count on Minauro for their experience and solidity in the market.


Sisteplan is the information technology arm. Made up of a team of dedicated and well-qualified professionals, Sisteplan carries more than three decades of experience when it comes to public management, and each of their clients is given a unique portfolio. Sisteplan boasts only the most modern and up-to-date tools and resources for information technology.


Like the other arms, Consult bears many years of experience in definitive systems for public management. Consult offers the best and latest solutions for the government, keeping abreast of current legislation and the latest technological innovations. Consult’s systems are the industry standard for each and every facet of public administration, and are well able to care for their clients’ daily requirements.


The system is accessible and easy to use via any browser, or even mobile devices. Navigation through their sites is simple and easily adaptable. They also have an excellent technical support staff readily available for all facets of public management. Security is also a prime concern as access, history and algorithms are limited to the user. It also offers monitoring services, hosting, storage, and processing at their Data Center.


E-Governe in Osasco


Recently the municipality of Osasco, in Greater São Paulo, entered into a partnership with ICI in order to implement the Educação school management system. This system is already in use in the capital of Piauí, Teresina. ICI’s part is to provide the equipment, resources, training, as well as the electrical and logical network. They will also be setting up a call center in São Paulo for the city’s Education Department. Each one of the 138 school units of Osasco will be covered by E-Governe Education systems, in addition to the main office of the Municipal Education Department and the Continuing Education Center.


Here are the benefits of using Educação


Data is accessible via the internet

Security is controlled by systems administrators

Allows real-time management reporting

Makes reports shareable

Makes certain the veracity and security of data


The implementation of is particularly relevant to Osasco. This municipality has the fifth highest population in São Paulo and ranks twenty-third in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) among all the states in the country. It boasts of a burgeoning economy and strong social progress. Osasco, the regional capital of western metropolitan São Paulo, is home to some of the headquarters of the biggest companies in Brazil.