How Alex Hern Launched The Agiliance Company

When it comes to the technology world there is nothing that is more important then protecting data, and with the world becoming a more dangerous place it can become harder and harder to protect the most important data. Protecting data is a hard task with all of the new and innovative procedures that are coming into play, and the technology companies know this so they are working diligently to make sure that the vulnerabilities are covered up. One such venture capitalist and technology guru is Alex Hern, who is one of the most well known people in the Silicon Valley for creating one of a kind products that connect users like never before. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

One such product that Alex Hern had founded and worked on was the Agiliance company, which was known as a big data protection firm. Agiliance works to analyze the potential data risk that a company mgiht have, pointing out the vulnerabilities far before any actual breech can happen. Alex Hern founded this company in January 2005 in Sunnyvale, and for the latter part of the companies life span he was able to grow it from a small product to a well known company. This was through his usual due diligence which has made him one of the most talked about people in the Silicon Valley, and with good reason as he has specialized in creating one of a kind products that really innovate their fields. Learn more about Alex at

The Agiliance company had a team of well trained individuals that made it their business to discover security breaches and other issues that large data banks might have, and this helped to pioneer data security in the last few decades. Alex Hern is a definite innovator, who takes to data protection and breaches like a duck to water and with his expertise the Agiliance company is a winner.