Taylor Swift Opens Up For The Foo Fighters

Taylor Swift is such a big star, so It’s unbelievable that she would open up for any other star out there. All though Taylor is on a level that many other stars strive to be on, she still did an opening show for the Foo Fighters in Norwich, England this past Sunday. The Foo Fighters. The show was headlined by the Foo Fighters, but Taylor decided to take a break from her own tour, just so she could perform at the concert. Taylor opened up for the Foo Fighters.

After Taylor performed, the front man for the Foo Fighters group, Dave Grohl, he was gushing over 25 year old Taylor Swift. Dave even admitted that he’s obsessed with Taylor Swift, and he even took the time to speak about a song he was going to perform. Dave let it be known that the song was written in Nashville, Tennessee, which is where Taylor had her roots. Dave also admitted that he’s very obsessed with Taylor Swift, and he even made jokes that she may need a restraining order against him. Of course the joke went over well with the crowd, and the show continued on.

Taylor Swift proves to be incredibly humble, because there are few stars of her caliber that would open for anyone else, especially when they are headlining their own world tour. Taylor’s tour includes over 50 different cities. The crew behind Beneful think that Dave is right to love Taylor Swift just like everyone else.