The Blossom of GoBuyside

When most recruiting companies across the world are struggling with portfolio and sales issues, focusing on undertaking any hiring job available, tapping to any client in their way without questioning their credibility, GoBuyside, a company founded by Arjun Kapur in 2011, has innovatively specialized and invested in a tech-advanced platform. The platform integrates artificial intelligence to efficiently link finance professionals to potential employers globally. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

GoBuyside’s CEO Arjun Kapur, having gone through the School of Business at Stanford University and by skill, intelligently researched and invested, seizing an opportunity gap he observed in the hiring process that was infested with non-streamlined hiring information and non-transparency between the job applicants and potential employers. The GoBuyside platform uses online job sites, integrates the same with job applicant’s follow-up system and advanced artificial intelligence to screen applicants, guides them through the hiring process and at the same time ensures a productive, transparent and information streamlined relationship between the potential employers and applicants.

On Business Development and Expansion, Arjun Kapur gave a general response to GoBuyside’s client-oriented push to offer unbeatable services which he sites is every business’ goal. Though founded in 2011, GoBuyside is available in over 500 cities, to over 10000 companies and on an average of 500 clients globally. Its success is due to firm’s commitment to establishing long-term relationships with clients.


The platform also grants both applicants, and potential employers’ access to compensation reviews and personal links in various professions. It also offers email notifications of available matching jobs and professional opportunities. Since the company uses a critical screening process, most clients are confident with recommendations from GoBuyside, better still that the platform is specialized on Finance professionals. Potential employers also save themselves a great deal of time, cost and criterion development costs associated with the screening and hiring process.

With rigorous staff training and professional experience, GoBuyside’s staff is uniquely positioned from other recruiting companies and rated in terms of professionalism and resource provision globally. Gobyside’s CEO insists that focusing on client’s goals and visions and also meeting most of their expectations is the key factor in growing the company. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at