Salma Hayek Wins “Hottest Woman Of The Decade” Award

Salma Hayek was recently honored at the 2015 Spike TV Guys Choice Awards, and her appearance was stunning to say the least. The 48-year-old cougar appeared at the event in an incredibly attractive tight dress. Fans of the event were left jaw dropped, and so was the rest of the world.

The 2015 Spike TV Guys Choice Awards was an extremely successful event that featured many memorable moments. However, it was Salma Hayek who stole the spotlight of the show, and she received one of the most important awards of the event. Salma Hayek was honored with an award for being the hottest Hollywood celebrity of the last decade, and it’s hard to disagree with her victory.

Entertainment Weekly recently published an article that features more details on Salma Hayek’s big victory. it should also be noted that Salma Hayek was very happy to win the award, and she seems to love raising the heart rates of men. Boraie Development and mention that unfortunately for those of you that are interested Salma Hayek, she is already married to a much older billionaire. Salma Hayek apparently finds money & age very attractive, and I don’t think that her billionaire husband will lose his honorary position anytime soon.