Slyce shares annual improvements of 2015 as well as financial reports



Slyce had a further technological improvement which it shared with the public on November 25th 2015. The improvement is called Slyce link and is Slyce’s proprietary retail image recognition technology solution. This technology is currently in beta testing phase and has been in the companies development for more than a year. The beta testing phase is being done by only a single major retail customer of Slyce.


The Slyce Link is a system that provides the user with visual product suggestions allowing for an increase in the shopping transformation on the e-commerce based website of the client. The over all goal of the system is to increase the number of sales made as well as reduce the number of times customers abandon their shopping carts. This is done by allowing the retailer to show the customer visually similar products at certain specific instances in the online shopping experience. The platform is provided to the client in the form of JavaScript coding as well as native software development kits that are available on both Android and iOS devices.


All the retailer has to do is paste several small lines of code within the existing coding of the website to allow them to give the customer a full visual recommendation journey and experience. The complete technology is individually customizable to suit the clients needs and existing designs. On the other end of the Slyce Link Platform are a number of technologies to improve the consistency between the search results made by the customer and the product line that is on the retailers website. These technologies are product feed processing mechanisms, search logic and an image matching engine. There is also the possibility of meta data filtering as well as visual relevancy integration. This filter allows for the use of several different data sets to be included within the algorithm of the Slyce Link software. These are price range, stock availability, product ratings and size.