Passion Plus Perseverance Equals Clay Siegall

There are truly some extraordinary people in this world. Many of these individuals are doing positive things to better mankind. Unfortunately, many of these people are not recognized, and their accomplishments aren’t publicized enough. Dr. Clay Siegall is one of these amazing individuals as he has done a lot when it comes to saving lives. He’s the president of Seattle Genetics, which is a leading cancer research organization. All of this greatness and he still isn’t a household. Dr. Seigall isn’t in the business for the fame, he’s in the business of saving lives and Seattle Genetics is his weapon of choice.

The Bothell, Washington, company develops and commercializes antibody-based therapies. These therapies are far advanced than the cancer medications of the past. Being able to bypass the good cells within the body and attach itself to the cancer cells is what this medication is all about. Once attached, it gives the cancer cells a direct blow. ADCETRIS is one form of this therapy, and it has caused a stir throughout the industry thanks to its progressive actions. ADCETRIS is basically an antibody-drug conjugate, which falls under being an antibody-based therapy. The medication has generated over $350 million in revenue, and it has caused the company’s stock to triple over a five year span. ADCETRIS is the real deal when it comes to fighting cancer and thanks to Dr. Siegall, it is now being used all over the world.

There are a lot of components that go into producing such great medications. This includes rigorous research, drug development and scientific innovation. Some of the most cutting-edge technology is used here as Dr. Siegall has raised billions of dollars of funds to purchase the technology. This is a perfect example of business 101 as it also produces a great return on investment. The value of Dr. Siegall in this community can’t be explained enough and we as a people should be counting our blessings.