Understanding Hussain Sajwani – Founder of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani was born in 1952/1953 in Sharjah, UAE. He is a prominent Emirati property owner and billionaire. His vast wealth comes from his long entrepreneurial career. He is the founding father and chair of DAMAC Properties, a company that focuses on real estate development. His company has had a lot of success in recent years. In fact, DAMAC Properties even ranked first on the list of fastest expanding international companies by Forbes 2017 Global 2000. Hussain Sajwani ranked 4th in the list of the world richest Arabs with a whopping $4.1b net worth.

Hussain Sajwani grew up with a business-minded father. His father sold pens, shirts, watches and all sorts of goods that he brought in from China. Therefore, it is evident that even from an early stage in his life, he was exposed to business and business dealings. He took after his father when he started his own catering business. However, he left this business soon after to start DAMAC Properties.

Today, this real estate development company has grown to be among the biggest real estate development agencies in the Middle East. In fact, this company has a large and impressive portfolio that solidifies its position. Since its establishment, this company has gone on to develop 19000 apartments and more than 44,000 housing units. The company became publicly listed in 2015 with shares listed by the Dubai Financial and stock Market.

Aside from his business acumen, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) is also an expert when it comes to fostering beneficial business relationships. These relationships have proven very beneficial in his line of work, therefore, it is not a surprise that among the projects under DAMAC Properties is the golf course conceived by pro-golfer Tiger Woods, luxury apartments that have interiors designed by Versace & Fendi, high luxury villas that are decorated by Paramount Hotels and Bugatti and resorts that were developed through his collaboration with the internationally known Paramount Pictures.

DAMAC Properties is also involved with several charities. In the year 2017, the Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Foundation sponsored the Dubai Future Foundation’s a million Arab programmers Initiative. This initiative was flagged off by the VP and PM of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

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Arthur Becker; A Leading Real Estate Developer In New York

Arthur Becker is an American real estate investor and a tech mogul based in New York City. Arthur is known as a tech mogul due to his different projects in the tech industry. Currently, Becker serves as the managing director of Atlantic Investors company, a real estate investment company. Becker is also the chairman and CEO of Zinio Company, a digital marketing firm. Even though Arthur is known as a tech mogul, it is his real estate investment that has positioned him at the helm of the best investors in New York.

Recently, Becker scored big in his real estate investment business in New York. He became the proud owner of three different townhouses adjacent to each other on Sullivan Street, reports therealdeal.com, propelling him to be ranked among the top 10 people to invest in the City. Becker has investments in 10 Sullivan Street and his acquisition of 30, 40 and 50 will strengthen his ownership in New York.

These 6,500-square-foot townhouses were among the four homes developed by Kevin Maloney’s Property Markets Group and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities. Becker took ownership of the townhouses in exchange for his share in the condominium development, a new venture the two companies are involved in. The townhouses are strategically placed with the potential to appreciate in value once completed putting Becker on an upper hand from the agreement.

The townhouses were not complete when Becker acquired ownership. He plans to take one for himself after completion and sell or lease the other two. Becker said the townhouses would be priced higher than 20 Sullivan, the one townhouse he didn’t acquire, as they have a larger backyard. According to StreetEasy, the 20 Sullivan property was sold in June 2015 at $18.5 million, down from its asking value of $20.8 million in March.

Becker has had an exciting career. He serves as the managing director of Madison Technology Group; a position he has held since 2001. Becker has a Bachelor of Administration degree from Bennington College, a college he attended between 1969 and 1972. He then joined the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth between 1973 and 1974.

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TOWN Residential As One of New York’s Top Real Estate Agencies

There are not many three-year-old companies that hold the same distinctions that Town Residential has. They have worked very hard to make sure that they are the best in the business and that they are able to provide luxury living to all of the people who they serve in New York City.


Starting out, Town Residential had the backing of the mega successful THOR company. This company was one that was able to provide financing to Town and they did so through the different opportunities that they had. This allowed the people who founded Town Residential to get the best of the best right off of the bat. They were successful even from the start of their business because of the above average backing that they had from their parent company. They were slated for success from the beginning and continue to be as successful as what they are because of this.


Not only did they have a great start to the life of their business but they also worked very hard to be successful. They made very many contacts in the industry during their time as a brand new real estate agency. The hours that they put in to make the contacts that they needed truly paid off and they are now one of the most successful real estate agencies in the city. They have been able to help many clients achieve the potential that they know is there for them in the city.


Luxury is the name of the game with Town Residential. They want to make sure that their clients get everything that they need when they are looking for real estate in the city. They also want to make sure that their clients are able to get what they want for the best price possible. Because of this, they work very hard to make sure that they can find the best deals in the best places for all of the clients that they have. They want to make sure that they can be successful and that they will be able to get the most out of the real estate opportunities.


As Town Residential continues to be a major success in the New York real estate market, they are making a big name for themselves in the game. They have made sure that they are able to provide their clients with everything that they could possibly need when it comes to the real estate opportunities. Because of this, they have been able to open their tenth office in just three years. There are not many other real estate agencies in New York City who are able to say that they have been that successful in such a short amount of time.


Town Real Estate Professionals Comment on 2016 Market Trends

Many people are hesitant in NYC apartments for rent and real estate market will do in 2016. An article in the New York Daily News summarizes the situation. Town Real Estate believes the conclusions to be correct. With over five years in luxury real estate, they understand the market extremely well.

Overall, the market will continue much like it became by the end of 2015 with buyers ruling the market.

Sellers need to keep several factors in mind when looking to sell their properties. If the property is in a prime location, it will sell faster. The hottest location remain Brooklyn and Manhattan. Even in these locations, buyers have many choices in condominiums priced over 10 million dollars. Therefore, sellers can expect buyers to make many visits to the unit before making an offer. Sellers can also expect buyers to ask for more contingencies. Furthermore, sellers should not become impatient. Buyers will be asking more questions and listening to more advisers.
One of the ways that sellers must react to this trend in the market is to work with a professional realtor like those found at Town Real Estate. These professionals, headed by Andrew S. Herberger, understand how to answer questions to questions that buyers are asking. They also understand what contingencies make since for you to offer and which ones to avoid.

Professionals at Town Real Estate also agree with the article’s author that strength will continue to be seen in sales of condominiums between one and three million dollars. An important part of this segment are baby boomers looking to move back to the city. These buyers want to be closer to their grandchildren. This means that sales in Brooklyn should be particularly strong.

With the expectation that interest rates will continue to rise in 2016, buyer’s confidence will lower. Yet, when sellers are realistic, sales will still occur.