Pet Food Sales Reach Record Levels As Beneful Grows

The market for pet foods is changing all the time and includes a range of new foods being created by independent producers who are looking for healthier ways of feeding the pets of the world. Over the last decade the market for pet foods has grown to reach more than $23 billion as increasing numbers of independent producers have entered the market seeking to create fresh foods. Since 2009, the pet food industry has been growing consistently and the premium pet food market has grown to top $10 billion in sales each year.

Beneful was one of the first premium pet food production companies that was created by a globally recognized pet food brand; in 2001, Nestle Purina developed the Beneful brand to provide a natural range of pet foods produced in a way that pushed the natural nature of the ingredients to the fore. The products created under the Beneful brand have become some of the best loved in the world, and pushed the brand into the top four on the planet.

One of the major reasons for the growth of the Beneful brand has been the innovative approach taken to all aspects of the products in the line; an area that has shown the impressive nature of Beneful is in the approach to marketing that has set new standards for many pet food producers. Amongst the innovations introduced by Beneful are the many different forms of advertising the company introduced aimed directly at the pets, which includes odors and images designed to attract the pets themselves to the the products.

The use of natural ingredients is one of the main improvements being made in the pet food industry with more of a focus on real meats, vegetables, and fruits. A number of independent producers are pushing the boundaries of pet foods with the introduction of real foods refrigerated and shipped directly to the customer. As the market for pet foods grows pet parents around the world are looking for the best possible foods to provide for their pet to enjoy as they stay as healthy and active as possible.