Celebrities with Hotter Siblings

Sometimes celebrities have siblings that are in the limelight. There are other times when these celebs have siblings that are just regular people. They are regular except for the fact that these siblings are sometimes hotter than their famous siblings.

There has been some buzz about Pippa Middleton lately now that she is seen more with her sister, Kate Middleton. Everyone knows that Kate is a fashionista that has a beautiful face, but her sister is getting quite a few compliments as well.

Lindsey Lohan may be aging poorly with all of her drug abuse and reckless behavior, but there is another Lohan that is looking quite lovely these days. This is her older sister Ali Lohan. That seems to be a rather common thing in Hollywood. Most celebrities have siblings that get the spotlight sometimes because of their looks. For many years Toni Braxton had several sisters that were in the background until their reality show hit television.

The thing that makes siblings so interesting is that they often look a lot like their famous brothers and sisters. James Franco has a brother that could almost pass for a twin, but many ladies believe that Franco’s brother is hotter. Sometimes the brother or sister will come into their own limelight. The Olsen Twins are syndicated royalty after playing Michelle Tanner from “Full House.” Now The Aspire New Brunswick staff has suggested to MyCentralJersey they have a hotter younger sister in show business.