QNET Brings SHARP To Hong Kong To Clear The Air

Hong Kong is city so well-known its renown has swept the globe. In modernity, however, that reputation has begun to include several negative features, such as dirty air. Hong Kong is such a successful economic juggernaut that industry has led to great pollution. As a result, it is hard to live in the city without some means of air filtration. Certainly, life can continue; but it’s not nearly so healthy. As a solution, one of the world’s most successful multi-level marketing organizations has stepped up to the plate offering a new air-filtration development. That organization is QNET, one of the largest and most quickly expanding online networks on the planet. QNET recently went into a strategic partnership with a leading Japanese technological agency called SHARP. As of May 27th, 2016, SHARP-QNET’s new product, the Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, has become poised to change things. SHARP is well-known throughout Japan for offering innovative solutions. QNET’s focus has always been health and wellness; and that steeped in a corporate culture which likewise encourages the trend. Together, the two align rather well from an ideological standpoint.

One of the most stable things about this partnership is, in my opinion, the vast market QNET has access to. Expanding from Hong Kong, QNET is represented in countries as far afield as Iran and Saudi Arabia. QNET also has operations in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other countries. As an Asian sales’ agency, this group has a massive consumer bloc. In fact, it’s arguable that they may have a bead on a market which comprises the world’s largest consumer block. India, China, and the asiatic region between/surrounding the two are reputable for their substantial population levels. To this group QNET directs marketing, and it’s no wonder they’re in expansion: right now new technology is sweeping such nations like wildfire.

SHARP’s partnership with QNET in the sale of their Plasma Cluster Air Purifier is a partnership whose approach is relatively secure. It is expectable that stock value will be on the increase for a while due to this partnership, and as a result many investors are keeping a close eye on continuing developments. Since QNET has expanded beyond Hong Kong, establishing toeholds internationally, their economic strength is very high. Partnering with SHARP has only increased that stability: even should one territory lose economic force, there are other territories to take the load.

Actor Josh Brolin is Engaged

Actor Josh Brolin, who has been in films such as “The Goonies”, “No Country for Old Men”, and “Gangster Squad” is engaged.

According to the story on US Magazine Online, his rep has confirmed that the 47-year-old actor is engaged to his blonde beauty girlfriend Kathryn Boyd. The couple were engaged in April and took a trip together to the Mexican hot vacation spot of Cabo San Lucas to celebrate. Witnesses say that the pair celebrated with a group of friends and that the couple could not keep their hands off each other all night.

Brolin met Kathryn Boyd when she was his assistant in 2013. The two were seen in public together in March of 2013, just weeks after it was announced that he and his actress wife of eight years, Diane Lane, were splitting. His divorce to Lane was finalized in November of 2013. Since his divorce, he and Boyd have been seen together all over the world.

This will make a third marriage for the actor. He was first married to Alice Adair, and Mikal Watts remembers that well. He and Adair share two children together, 26-year-old Trevor and 20-year-old Eden. He and Lane had no children during their time together.

World’s Most Efficient Solar Electricity

A Swedish firm aims to revolutionize the solar energy industry by combining some military-grade technology with an old engine, created in the 19th century by a Scottish inventor.

This brand new solar electricity generation system is being tested in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert by a Swedish firm known as Ripasso.

CEO of Ripasso, Gunnar Larsson reports that the entire team working on the project was hired in South Africa, and the entire system was built using South African labor.

Traditional photo-voltaic energy generation systems can only produce about 15% of the sun’s power into electricity that is available for the grid. This new system boasts a substantial increase in efficiency, allowing 35% of the sun’s power to be converted into grid-ready electricity.

To put it into perspective for you; a single Ripasso dish can generate enough electricity throughout the year to power 25 homes, without harming the environment in any way. In comparison, to generate that much electricity with coal would require releasing approximately 160,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The best news of all; Ripasso will be able to start producing their Solar Panels commercially very soon. Regardless of the cost, clean energy is on it’s way to the world according to the BusinessInsider. Adam Sender can’t wait to see it develop.