Bruce Levenson Is Now Taking AIG To Court Over Insurance Policy Negligence

Even though the Atlanta Hawks have already been transferred over to the new ownership under Tony Ressler, the former owners under Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment led by Bruce Levenson are still sorting things out in court right now. They had an insurance policy with AIG that was supposed to cover any loss situations in which the owners lost money through “workplace torts” or other termination of employments. When the team had been transferred, Levenson and the other owners decided to buy out then General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract, and they’ve asserted that AIG’s policy was supposed to compensate them for that. AIG has refused to acknowledge this and thus far has not spoken on the matter.

Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Media in 2004 and owned them up until the sale in 2015 ( But in addition to owning an NBA franchise, Levenson has helped start other businesses and non-profit groups. He went to law school at American University, but while he was there he started running a journalism business on the side. His first publication was Oil Express, a newsletter that put out information about oil prices and drilling developments. He took it a step further with his friend, Ed Peskowitz when they started up Unified Communications Group, a business paper that covered a lot of industries from energy to healthcare. The company formed a subsidiary called TechTarget, a marketing software vendor.

According to Time Magazine, Bruce Levenson has also been active in Washington D.C. philanthropy organizations including Community Foundation and I Have a Dream Foundation. He also is a big contributor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC, and has sponsored educational programs there including “Bringing the Lessons Home.” Levenson also is pro-Israel and helped the Jewish community send a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to work with US Secretary of State John Kerry on various Israeli diplomatic relations.