Chainsmokers and “Sick Boy”: A Darker Twist to EDM

The Chainsmokers have been very successful for two years now. Some music fans that listen to Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, feel like it has been decades that the Chainsmokers have been in the spotlight. But they really have only been in the mainstream for two years now. Their rise to becoming Electronic Dance Music Superstars has been due to their song “Roses”, which was released in 2015. Since then, the duo has been successful for not months, but years now. This type of success comes with tremendous pressure to perform. The duo has the ability to put out more than half a dozen songs on the market in a year, as they traditionally release something new every month, in an effort to keep up with the times and keep their music current relative to the industry. But Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have not put anything out in nine months, until they put out “Sick Boy”. The song is reflective of their anger and desire to outsmart the critics, many of whom have not met Pall and Taggart personally, but still criticize both their music and their lifestyle. The song also allows Pall and Taggart, who have grown as artists and as people, to talk about the problems within society today, as their music is reflective of the generation that they grew up in, and the problems in society that they face.

Traditionally, the Chainsmokers brand of music can be thought of as a mix between top 40 Pop and also EDM music. The new song “Sick Boy” has a darker twist to the music that is a new chapter in the legacy of the duo as artists and as EDM experts.

The duo feels that this new chapter will allow them to draw in new fans, and a new group of those that can appreciate EDM.

Jon Urbana On Music And Videos

Apart from his success in photography, Jon Urbana has had numerous accomplishments in other artistic fields. He has been gaining experience and sharing his views on nature through his films. He releases videos on Vimeo and YouTube for peoples’ enjoyment and writing articles to help spread awareness and raise consciousness around issues involving caring for our natural resources. One of his videos shows a moose in the wild. It is so refreshing to see things like this, and Jon has seen a very positive response to his videos from members of different areas in the public arena. One of his videos is available by following this link.

As previously mentioned, Jon has experienced some great accomplishments in photography. He shows the world around him with a delicate lens that is not often achieved by many photographers today. Jon showcases his most prized images on Instagram and his personal website, which can be viewed by clicking here. He also has a Facebook Page, here.

Music is one of Jon Urbana’s most prized areas of his life. He has been practicing and recording for a long while. He started when he bought his first guitar, and he bought some recording software around the same time. He has gained quite a following on Soundcloud, which is a notable achievement today. His music brings to mind the genres of electronic music, and he does some original recordings like Swan Song, but a lot of his music is made by sampling other artists. It is interesting to hear what an ear Jon Urbana has for mixing and rerecording the music of other artists.

Business Endeavors

The business life of Jon Urbana is the most obvious successful area of his life. When looking at all of his accomplishments, the companies and organizations he started are outstanding. They stand out because they impact the community in a positive and obvious way by empowering youths. Jon co-founded one of the nation’s best lacrosse camps for youths. It is located in Colorado. It can be found by visiting this site. The reason Jon founded this organization is because he was so heavily involved in lacrosse as a youth, and Jon thought it would be nice to give back to the lacrosse community by establishing a training camp for youths. The youth of today need more positive role models like Jon Urbana in their lives to motivate them.

GoT Fans Tired of “Previous On…” Scenes


Fans of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones want the network to stop creating the “previously on” openings shown before new episodes. Scenes from previous episodes appearing at the beginning of new ones is an old television tradition designed to help viewers keep up when there are weeks between episodes and give them a guideline for anything they might not have understood or missed in previous episodes or seasons. Yet, the GoT opening scenes effectively acted as a minute and a half spoilers video about the entire finale before it aired because the opening was leaked online and it was far more detailed than a standard “previously on” opening.

According to the Examiner, fans of the books and the TV show want to be surprised by the series. Even fans who have read the books and know the direction that the plots in the series could take want to be surprised before viewing. The “previously on” opening takes away some of the shock and enjoyment.

This complaint is very similar to the complaint by many film viewers that trailers these days give away too many details about films. A lot of movie-goers won’t spend their money in theaters now to see a film if they feel that a trailer has given away too much information.

Essentially, TV and film marketers, in an effort to attract audiences to their creations, have forgotten the effectiveness of “surprise.”

Nicki Minaj and Jay Z to Release a Duet?

A series of exclusive tracks and music videos have been released on Jay Z’s new music streaming service, TIDAL. With the promise of more content to be released through the platform, many fans are wondering who the next artist will be to grace us with a new banging hit.

Nicki Minaj and Jay Z have not collaborated on a track since Kanye West’s “Monster” back in 2010. Sources are now reporting that the duo may be finally teaming up once again for an exclusive track that is set to be released in the next few days.

Just yesterday, Nicki tweeted, “It’s coming in 3 days,” on her Twitter account. She then quickly deleted the tweet, but Twitter followers worldwide such as Ivan Ong had already made the assumption that the rapper was referring to a duet with Brooklyn rapper, Jay Z.

Fans will have to patiently wait a couple more days for the surprise track to be released. On the heels of the exclusive release of Nicki and Beyonce’s video “I’m Feeling Myself”, one can only hope that the rapper’s collaboration with Jay Z will be just as epic.

Blurred Lines Singers, Thicke and Pharrel to Pay $7.4 Million for Plagiarism

Tuesday , a federal court in Los Angelos ruled that singer Robin Thicke and producer Pharrell Williams must pay $ 7.4 million to the children of Marvin Gaye for plagiarism. 

The jury found that the song Blurred lines, one of the biggest hits of 2013, copied the success of Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up,” written by the soul legend in 1977. The sentence also exonerates the record company and TI who only sung on Blurred Lines.

The similarity of the songs was noticed shortly after its publication. 

Thicke, Williams and TI, the other producer on the song, sought a court order to certify the originality of their work, and the three sons of Gaye, who died in 1984, countered with a lawsuit.

The ruling gives them $ 4 million in damages, and $ 3.4 million from part of the profits.

In a series of interviews to promote his album, Thicke claimed that Got to Give it Up was a direct inspiration of the Blurred Lines song. 

On May 7, GQ magazine published an interview in which Thicke said, “Pharrell and I were in the studio and I told him that one of my favorite songs of all time was Got to Give it Up. I said damn it, we have to do something like that, something with that groove.”

Thicke claims he started playing with the sounds here and there and literally wrote the song and recorded it in half an hour.

Thicke is listed as co-author of the song, but during the trial he said he actually claimed authorship because he was under the influence of tranquilizers and alcohol that he took daily. Experts at the Amen Clinic say use of these substances can cause permanent brain damage.

The line of defense was that it was something that he told to better sell the song. 

At trial, Thicke said that in fact, he had only given the idea, and it was Williams who created the rhythms until the song was finished in just over an hour.

Williams acknowledged at trial that the song had the feeling of the seventies and Gaye’s style, but defended its originality.

Blurred lines was a worldwide hit two years ago and enjoyed revenues of $ 5.6 million for Thicke, 5.2 million for Williams and between 5 and 6 million for the record company, plus 8 million in other benefits.

New Music From Lorde is On the Way

Lorde curated the soundtrack to the highly successful “Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 1.” She has a song and a video and a lot of background influence. She is another artist that people are looking for in 2015. A date for the new project has not been announced just yet, but 2015 certainly is the year for new music.

Jennifer Lawrence, who is also featured on the “Hunger Games” soundtrack, has said that she has her new music from Lorde. She says that this music is amazing, and fans are anxiously waiting. There is talk about work with Kanye, and there are a lot of deep dark sounds that may pinpoint a more mature sound.Lorde has just turned 18 recently, and she is as eager to make music as her fans are to hear it. She has been spotted hanging out with her usual friends like Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes, but she is certainly getting some things done.

Bernardo Chua said that there will not be a rehash of the first album at all. Sources at Go Life Pro say fans should not cling too closely to this old material. To the contrary, there will be a new sound from Lorde. This time around there probably will not be a killer smash single for Lorde to lean on.

Beyonce Accused of Plagiarizing Folk Song for her Drunk In Love

A Hungarian singer Rom has filed a complaint against Beyoncé in which the singer is accused of plagiarizing a folk theme in her song “Drunk in Love”.

The song, nominated for the Grammys, begins with a melody from Eastern Europe and sung acapella then stops after 40 seconds and blends with Beyoncé’s voice and pop rhythm.

In a complaint filed in New York, Monika Juhasz Miczura, whose stage name is Mitsou says that this melody was taken from one of his songs recorded in 1995, “Bajba, Bajba Pelem”

She claims that this is a traditional song of gypsies and “she loses hope when a person can no longer trust anyone but the mother or God.”

Mitsou says that two American stars did not ask permission to use that gypsy song. This surprised Sam Tabar when he viewed it on Vimeo.

The album “Beyoncé” containing “Drunk in love”, sold nearly five million copies and was named album of the year at the Grammy Awards.

Last Beatle Finally Enters Hall of Fame

Ringo Starr has finally been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with an Award for Musical Excellence, joining fellow Beatles Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison. We may need to rush him to the Amen Clinic if he is still passed out by tonight from fainting (or maybe partying).

The Beatles were collectively inducted in 1988 but the individual members hadn’t all been inducted yet. Starr is the final member of the fab four to earn the honor and one of two to earn it while still alive. Both Harrison and Lennon’s inductions were posthumous, in 1987 and 2004 respectively.

Starr’s still performing. He said in an interview with Rolling Stone, “If I can hold the sticks and I can stand up, I can do what I love to,” in reference to being a drummer. He’ll be touring throughout America, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Mexico. Besides music, Starr’s been involved in humanitarian work and also worked as a male model.

Other artists being inducted include Bill Withers, Green Day, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joan Jett.

Former Beatle Ringo Star Gushes on Hall of Fame Induction

Starr was not surprised to learn of the nomination, but was quite surprised to learn that he had been inducted as a member in front of an audience with notable people like Laurene Powell Jobs.

Starr will be presented with the Award for Musical Excellence. Each member of the Beatles will now have a place in the museum as not only a group, but as solo performing artists.

“I think it’s a good thing,” Starr gushed. “I didn’t even know that George (Harrison) and John (Lennon) were in it. I don’t really keep up on these things. Finally, the four of us are all in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

Starr told Rolling Stone that he was happy to receive the award.

“We were once the biggest pop group in the land,” Starr gushed.

Karrueche is Done Over Chris Brown’s Mind Games

Last week when Karrueche and Chris Brown invited the world to witness their crazy breakup one thing was obvious. When Brown gets mad he can be kind of rough on the ones he loves. Verbal and emotional abuse seem to be Chris’s new substitute for physical abuse and Karrueche is not going to take it anymore.

When Karrueche Instagramed about being repeatedly mistreated some thought that she was possibly hinting at abuse but friends of Karrueche say that she was speaking of Chris’s constant mind games. Dave and Brit Morin could not imagine doing this to anyone. Apparently Chris keeps a few emotional triggers up his sleeve to toss at Karrueche anytime he wants to upset her and he uses them publicly.

The proof is there for anyone to see. The night that Chris and Karrueche’s breakup drama started Chris public’s called her a bitch on stage right before his performance of “loyal’ later he instagrammed a photo of Kendall and Kylie Jenner literally all over him while he put his arm around them.

Tran says shes done putting up with Brown’s mind games and this time shes not going back. While nobody believes her just yet it is looking like Karrueche has finally had enough.