Veteran Homes

Musicians, Actors, Athletes, and famous people in general make a lot of money. At times, it’s really hard to comprehend just how much money they do in fact make. It’s often time in the millions. Sometimes many of us wonder if they make so much why don’t they do more to give back? Every now and then they do. A famous person restores our faith in humanity by showing just how much they do care.

Tim McGraw is one of those people. He is giving away mortgage free homes to veterans! He’s already given away 6 of them, and he plans to give away 30 more. It’s truly remarkable. Those mortgage free homes are not cheap, and they are going to be a huge weight off someone else s shoulder. The best part is that he chose one of the most deserving groups. All too often, James Dondero notes, we see homeless veterans out on the streets because they had no where to go after the war or after their service was done. According to Reddit News, Tim McGraw is changing that for some of the lucky ones.

He understands the sacrifice that many made and he really wants to give back. He wants to show them that the world appreciates what veterans have done for this country, and give them what they deserve. It takes a special man to do this, and the world is lucky that Tim McGraw is in it.