Luxury Pop-Up The RealReal Plans on Sending Message with Renewed Campaign

By definition, a pop-up shop is a retail store that has opened temporarily to call attention to a trend. The RealReal qualifies as one of those shops; its first concrete location being in New York City, November 2016. The message – selling your valuables instead of throwing them in the garbage. This wasn’t how the brand started however. Beginning as an online consignment chain, they’ve recently ventured to a physical boutique in order to gain recognition with consumers that would otherwise prefer hands-on shopping. The RealReal’s Director of Marketing Allison Sommer says that having these stores open will legitimize their business and promote secondhand shopping.

The RealReal ensures their credibility with a renowned and experienced staff. Seasoned gemologists and watch experts are on-hand to give a price to those valuables just sitting in your bedside drawer at home. The company makes it a point to hire professionals that care deeply about their work, thus boosting quality of business and securing that the clients are in good hands. The RealReal will also be hosting private shopping events and educational workshops to help promote clientele.

Julie Wainwright is the founder and chief executive officer of The RealReal. Previously successful with other startups like this one, she has high hopes in place. Wainwright says the business “exploded” when there were non-stop requests to sell clients’ items, and they brought in experts. The idea really took off. In fact, $500 million was anticipated in gross merchandise value for 2017. Being only a six year old company this in an impressive feat. This isn’t including any venture funding they’ve acquired.

The RealReal presently has six shops open in various cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., and others. Wainwright claims that not quite half of their revenue generates from online sales, but it is catching up. The company is truly a marketing marvel. And with such a simple idea: selling goods to buyers which will turn both the seller and the buyer a profit.

White Shark Media has Continually Offered the Best Service to the Clients as Told in their Reviews

White Shark Media is among the fastest rising digital marketing agency in North America. The rapid growth can be accredited to excellent customer value that the firm is built on. The company is famed for its ability to deliver quality work to its esteemed customers while incorporating their unique needs. The company’s clients who range from small to medium businesses enjoy an unprecedented experience and affordable marketing campaigns that steer their ventures forward.

Continued Effort

Six years ago, three individuals of Danish origin, Alexander Nygart, Gary Garth, and Andrew Lolk brought their minds together and incepted White Shark Media. Their goal was to bring remarkable products and services to the dynamic SMB sector: Latin America and the United States. Their prior experience in the field gave them a good foundation to grow the company. Their efforts have paid off as White Shark Media became the first firm to be recognized by Google. The firm was privileged to acquire the Google AdWord Premier SMB Partnership 3 years ago. Considering Google’s rigorous requirements for the honor, White Shark Media is exceptional in its operations. Google is not the only firm that has previously recognized the good work at the company. Microsoft too granted White Shark the partnership for its Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program. This far, the firm is the leading provider of AdWords Search, Google Analytics, Display Advertising, and Bing Ads.

Customers’ Reviews

White Shark Media has grown its reputation by helping the businesses of their clients grow. The company has invested so much to ensure lasting relationships with customers. It is notable that the firm’s first client still uses its services. Many satisfied customers often leave positive reviews that work as a marketing tool for White Shark Media. What is outstanding about the staff at the firm is their ability to engage the clients in every step of their campaigns. This trait gives the customers a chance to air their views on the projects, which leave them satisfied eventually. White Shark Media adopts a pro-active approach in dealing with clients. The highly professional experts respond to client’s questions promptly creating a smooth path for the projects. Their friendly and flexible nature makes them approachable to the clients, creating an amicable business relationship. The firm’s experts have been commended for their massive knowledge in the field. They don’t shy away from sharing this know-how with the clients, leaving them delighted. A New Jersey- based jewelry store has evidenced this exceptional capability.