Kylie Jenner Can’t Deal With Bruce’s Transition

Kylie Jenner has been keeping her name relevant lately, not only has her relationship with Tyga been a hot topic for just over a year now. Her relationship with Tyga is probably one of the most talked couplings this year, and Kylie’s ongoing Instagram beef with Blac Chyna is a sight to behold. Now that Kylie has made herself the next in line for “Selfie Queen” she is ready to start making her money alone, and she is doing all she can to get away from her family and their drama.

Apparently Kylie is ready to jump ship and leave the Kardashians behind. At the moment Kylie is fighting for her own reality show but some say she may even want to leave reality tv behind altogether after the bad experience she has been having ever since Bruce Jenner went public. Kylie insists that she wasn’t prepared to deal with her father’s transition and dealing with it publicly has been very difficult.

At the moment it appears to Christian Broda as though Kylie is not leaving the show anytime soon, as much as she hates it right now she knows that she needs to use her spot on the show to stay relevant and continue to gain new fans and follows. Its safe to say that as soon as Kylie gets an offer for her own show, she’s going to take it