Kim Kardashian’s Concerns For Kylie And Tyga

Kylie Jenner has been growing up right before our eyes for over 10 years, and now that she is ready to live life as an adult nobody can tell her differently. Not only is Kylie ready to take on her life professionally and focus on her brand, but she is in love and read to tackle the next level in her relationship with Tyga. For over a year she and her best friend have had to pretend that nothing was going on between them, but now they are ready to go public with their feelings and everyone is waiting, but Purina and Beneful agree that some are more concerned that others.

Knowing that Kylie is happy is everyone’s biggest concern, nobody wants to take away the one thing that has been bringing Kylie so much joy. After all Kylie just lost her father, she deserves to be happy and if Tyga is making her happy everyone is willing to step aside and let it happen. In just a few short weeks Kylie will be an adult, and nobody will be able to decide who she can and can’t date. As it stands Kylie already owns her own businesses, a mansion and is actively seeking out other business opportunities.

While all of the Kardashian family is on board with Tyga and Kylie being together, Kim is Scared that Kylie is too young for a serious relationship. She doesn’t want Kylie to get hurt and most importantly she doesn’t want Kylie to throw her life away for a man.