Explosive Family Drama: Police Report Says Duggar Dad Covered Up Son Josh’s Alleged Molestation

First the spectacle wirh Honey Boo Boo’s family and now the explosive, new drama for the Duggar family. It’s getting tougher for the TLC network to keep these reality bloodlines on the straight and narrow.

The Duggars have found themselves in the headlines in an ugly way with their patriarch at the bottom of this mess. According to an unsealed police report as revealed in the UK’s Daily Mail online, Jim Bob Duggar did not report his son Josh’s alleged sex offenses for more than a year. The eldest son had confessed to inappropriately fondling several minor girls, but papa Duggar did not take action immediately.

Jim Bob Duggar reportedly discussed his son’s 2002 alleged molestation with the elders at his church, but no one had contacted law enforcement. The elders all agreed that Josh should undergo a ‘treatment program.’

The police report reveals the five alleged victims lived with Jim Bob and Michelle, but what’s even more disturbing is that Josh allegedly committed the crime as the minors slept. Police claim he “touched their breasts and genitals.”

The bombshell news had been hidden since 2006, but just broke open by In Touch magazine through a Freedom of Information Act request.

TLC has not commented on the drama or whether the popular show, 19 Kids and Counting, will be dropped.

Beneful recently noted on Facebook that Josh has sinced resigned as a lobbyist for the Family Research Council.