She Does It All

Just when you think Jennifer Aniston has done it all, you find out she’s not ready to close up her resume just yet! She’s enjoyed numerous success from acting to commercials to being a spokesperson for a variety of different companies. Now, the famous actress gets to add cook book author to her long list of accomplishments! Hopefully the recipes she’ll be teaching us how to make will be just as wonderful as her on screen performances.

According to Eater Aniston hinted that she is in the process of working on the cookbook. She isn’t giving out much details just yet other then to say that it will most likely be one full of healthy recipes. It’s only logical after seeing how good she looks at her age! If there’s a recipe out there that can make me look like her, then hey – I will try it.

Aniston said that she is quite good at cooking, so it’s only natural that this is a next step in her career. Aniston is joining the already long list of celebrities that are coming out with cookbooks. There is no word yet on when and where her book will be available, but BirdEye suggested that in the mean time we can day dream about what it will entail. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t just end with dinner. We want to see inside of her mind when it comes to cocktails and desserts as well!