The Path to Success with Todd Lubar

When Todd Lubar was recently asked about something that he has bought in the last few months that has assisted him to manage his business, he mentioned Fitbit and advised other people to buy the gadget. This gadget is very beneficial to him as it allows him to stay fit while at the same time staying focused. It has also assisted him to track his sleep and have the desire to succeed in life. Despite being old-fashioned and outdated, he still believes that the gadget has a lot to offer. Todd Lubar, like other businesspeople has maintained social media profiles to help him keep in touch with his clients. It’s for this reason that he can be found on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Snap Chat and even Twitter. He uses these platforms to keep his customers updated about his products. Todd Lubar is a family man as he has been blessed with two daughters that he adores very much. In an interview, he described that he faces a tough call between going on a business trip and spending time with his little daughters. Check out his page.

His journey to success is not extra ordinary and is just like the one followed by other people. This is the reason why he loves to read. He advocates for a book by David J. Schwartz called The Magic of Thinking Big. He is currently reading this book. He says that this is a book that helps you dream big while at the same time keeping your expectations high. In an interview, Todd Lubar revealed that he is a fan of moving forward. Therefore, he is interested in a business that has a future. Also, he loves creativity and innovation. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Todd Lubar mentions the importance of going beyond and above your capability. The one thing that Todd Lubar says makes him satisfied is seeing his customers happy. As for him, he believes that the one thing that has propelled him to success is hard work and determination. He has some advice for professionals. He says despite being busy, one has to set aside time to be with his family. As a private entrepreneur, Lubar has interests in the demolition industry.

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Igor Cornelsen: Brazil’s Most Influential Investment Advisor

Many people see Brazil as a great place to invest. It is rich in natural resources, has a large and growing population and there are a number of very good companies doing business there. But investing in Brazil can be challenging unless you have someone familiar with the country and its investment laws to give you guidance and advice. One of the best known and most influential investment advisors in Brazil is Igor Cornelsen. He has a decades long track record for guiding both foreign and local investors into lucrative investment opportunities that pay excellent dividends over the long term.


Cornelsen has a number of investment rules he uses to help people make the right investment decisions. Some of the rules are: Get a local advisor, invest as early as possible, invest for the long-term, get rid of losing investments immediately and create a diversified portfolio. Following these rules have helped to make a great many people that have followed Cornelsen’s investment advice wealthy. These rules form a framework within which it is possible to make money even in Brazil’s often complex and confusing economic situation and with its volatile yet very lucrative stock markets.


In addition to encouraging investors to follow those rules, Igor Cornelsen also provides them with valuable tips and sage advice and tells them which companies to pick. The tips Cornelsen provides to investors is based on information he gathered while working as an executive for some of Brazil’s most successful banks and businesses. That information is priceless and is why many Brazilians say: ‘if you want to know about investing in Brazil you must see Cornelsen. He knows all there is to know about investing in Brazil.’ They mean it and Cornelsen’s many decades of success continues to prove them right.


After many years of spending his time giving investment advice, Igor Cornelsen is now semi-retired. He travels extensively and plays lots of golf. However, he still offers investment advice through an investment company in Colorado called the Bainbridge Group. People that are interested in getting help investing in Brazil can get unmatched advice there.

Why Equities First Holdings Might Be the Best Solutions for You

Equities First Holdings may be just what you are looking for if you’re wanting to obtain a loan that comes with a low interest rate. Unfortunately, there are many people who are unable to obtain loans at all. They are also the ones who may need to obtain loans the most.

Some people obtain loans so that they can use the capital that is loaned to them to make more capital, whereas, some people obtain loans so that they may merely be able to survive through some times that they were not necessarily expecting of not having any money. If this happens to be your particular case, please do not hesitate to contact one of the specialists of Equities First Holdings as they will be more than glad to see what they can do to assist you in achieving your goals.

It is important to note that although many lending companies have limits on who they may potentially provide loans for, Equities First Holdings is one that is non-judgmental. They provide loans to anyone who may be seeking it or needing it. Even high net-worth individuals may apply for a loan, whether they want to use it to fund a business, charity, vacation, or any non-purpose/personal matter is totally up to them and their preferences/goals, however, it’s important for them to know where such loans exist. This is why Equities First Holdings is wanting to be put on the radar of companies that people are made aware about as they may be able to greatly benefit from what they offer. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by as you may be able to benefit greatly from the wonderful offers they provide at low priced interest rates and fair rules of collateral should the borrower not be able to make timely repayments.

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Chicago Businessman and Scoutahead Founder, Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is an exceptional businessman based in Chicago. He serves as the founder and CEO of Scoutahead. It is the second company that he started. Scoutahead offers services that are designed to advance growth and productivity using advanced communication systems. They are also secure.

Initially, Fernando had established Chopper Trading. That is after having a successful career that started while he was still in college. He first worked at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Fernando proceeded to serve in several capacities in the company. He also worked at the Chicago Board of Trade. Fernando served in the two firms from 1991-2001. He formed his first company Chopper Trading in 2002.

Fernando led the company and increased its employees to over 250. All the employees were brought on board using his unique rule of hiring. It is a different system from the approach used by many of his competitors. Fernando fancies a hiring process that is lengthy with the intention of enlisting employees that will retire from his company. That is the reason Chopper Trading has had a lot of success trading on Nasdaq, Fitzergerald-espeed, and LSE. The company also trades on the CME, Eurex, and ICE.

As an individual that has business in Chicago, Fernando points out that there is a lot happening in the city in terms of business that people are into talking about. He notes that Chicago has outgrown its transportation identity. Though it remains an important nexus linking the West to the East Coast, Chicago offers much more. It provides a healthy as well as a diverse ecosystem of business where businesses support each other. That explains the recent increase in the number of startups in the city.

Fernando supported the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission’s mission of promoting financially sound and competitive markets. He also supports philanthropic efforts. Fernando has contributed to Big Brother Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago in addition to Wounded Warriors. He sits on boards of PAWS Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, as well as American Security Project. Fernando joined the University College London following his graduation from Beloit College. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and history.

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Kenneth Griffin’s Investment Expertise

Investing involves committing money to a business or various projects with an aim of achieving additional income at the end. There are different limited partnerships that people use globally. For instance, a Hedge Fund is one of the investment business structures that a majority of people have trusted for many years. Besides, it is only limited to selected investors. Hence, its services cannot be sold to the public. It is a flexible investment method; their main aim being to return an optimistic return on investment even if the market seems to fall or rise.

Ken Griffin manages an investment organization. He was born on October 15, 1968, in Daytona Beach, Florida. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel, a global investment firm. It is one of the leading investment firms with a capital of about $25 million. Griffin has an estimated net worth of about $7.7 billion. In 2014, he made a prolific history by donating $150 million to the financial aid program at Harvard University. While he was still a student, he focused on investing and during the second year, he started a hedge fund. He managed to raise a capital of $266,000 from his family members.
He was determined hence he also installed a satellite link that was connected to his dorm so as to acquire the market share information. He later graduated in 1989 with a degree in economics. In the 1990s, he founded Citadel with a capital of $4.6million. As a business executive, he has been invited to various business forums and government hearings. He was once invited to an Electronic Training Forum, and he stated that; to increase the market margin structure, investors need to be more resilient and focus on the investment industry.

In 2014, he served on the Board of Trustees for a five-year term. He leads various organizations such as Club of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago. He also loves collecting and buying art from various artists. For instance, he bought False Start art collection from Jasper Johns for $80 million. He politically active hence he has made him to assist political forums. For instance, he assisted Mitt Romney’s in 2012 to run for a presidential seat.

Kenneth Griffin has achieved a lot in his life. He gives a challenge to teenagers by telling them staying ahead of time and focusing on positive strategies will make them successful. He has been awarded top honors at the Oscars for earning the highest risk adjustment returns. Alternatively, his organization is the best investment hedge fund globally.

He has been planning to make his hedge fund firm public, but the Initial Public Offering has been his main goal, but has made him slow back. Early this year, Griffin claimed that not all hedge funds managers want to gain profit or become successful. He said on a panel that was moderated by IDW Group. He stated that many hedge fund managers focus on how they will share the passion and joy of investing directly to companies. His role in the industry as an investor has been a pillar to upcoming investors and fellow businessmen.

James Dondero’s Success Story

After spending many years working for the American Express and overseeing an assortment of assets, James Dondero decided to start his investment firm in the year 1993. He founded Highland Capital Management, and it turned out to be an instant success. It had about $2 billion worth of assets to manage in the first five years of its existence. By the year 2014, the firm had grown immensely under the headship of Dondero. It included a wide variety of investments to manage among them equities and hedge funds. The market diversification was designed to ensure that the company continued making profits and safe at all times.

Job Experience
The hedge fund mogul has been working in the financial sector for over 30 years and is still determined to maintain the prime position of a key player in the equity markets. Jim Dondero oversaw a variety of assets for the American Express before deciding to venture into private business in the year 1993. That led to his establishment of the Highland Capital Management. The tremendous success of HCM helped Dondero to become one of the most-sought-after personalities at boardroom level. The stature made him get appointed to the board of Warner Bros Studios as a financial expert.

Success at Highland Capital Management
HCM has become a key part of the international financial industry through its introduction of credit solutions for use by major retailers. That helps the development of the firm as retailers seem to continue requiring the solutions even in future. The levels of success garnered by Highland Capital Management have ballooned to see the assets it manages surpassing $18 billion by the year 2014. The achievement is bound to continue as Dondero pushes the firm to achieve more success in future. The assortment of sectors Dondero is working in at boardroom level is offering him immense experience and skills. Dondero’s vast exposure is seen as a hotbed of success and reassures the future of the Highland Capital Management.

NexPoint Appointment
Mr. Dondero is viewed as a sign of success in every venture he tries his hands. That is the reason he was appointed the new portfolio manager at the NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund. Between 1989 and 1993, Dondero played a crucial role that helped the business to rise from a start-up to $2-billion worth investment. He also made the firm popular globally. His experience as a high-profile manager includes in derivatives, high-yield bonds, emerging market debt, equity, mortgage-backed security, investment grade corporate and leveraged bank loans.

The globally renowned hedge fund guru has a rich education background that helps him to be more competitive in business. He holds a degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia with specialties in Accounting and Finance. The business magnate also pursued various courses and was conferred with coveted professional certificates from respected education institutions. Among his many professional accolades include being a Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Management Accountant and Certified Public Accountant.

Citadel’s Driving Force

Ken Griffin has always had a mind of his own. He was born in 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida and was later educated at Harvard University. During his sophomore year in college, Griffin started a hedge fund with over $250K in borrowed monies and installed a satellite link to his college dormitory to ensure real-time market analyzes. His unconventional strategy was one of the contributors to the fund’s success during the stock market crash of 1987.

By the time Griffin received his economic degree in 1989, he was the founder of two million-dollar hedge funds on and had established a reputation as a trusted investor. The following year he became the founding CEO of Citadel LLC, a global financial institution operating in alternative investments, equities, equity options, and interest rate swaps.

The Citadel Group is quite diverse, composed of three divisions:

  • Citadel – Investor in major global financial markets
  • Citadel Securities – Liquidity provider through Citadel Execution Services (fast and reliable trades) and Citadel institutional Solutions (cross-asset management)
  • Citadel Technology – Technology solutions provider for efficient and accurate investment processing

Both Griffin and Citadel have been the recipients of many awards and recognitions due to performance in the finance industry including:

  • CFO Magazine’s Global 100 (2002)
  • A position in the Forbes 400 (2003, 2004, 2006, & 2012)
  • Hedge Funds Reviews America’s Award (2013)
  • Multistrategy Hedge Fund Manager of the Year (2013, 2014)
  • Top 100 Hedge Funds (2014)
  • Recipient of grade ‘A’ from Institutional Investor/Alpha Magazine Hedge Fund Report Card (2014)
  • Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services (2015)
  • Institutional Hedge Fund Manager of the Year (2015)

Not only had Griffin built Citadel to industry dominance in a short period of time, but he also has served on several committees and boards in his current home of Chicago: Many art museums in the Chicago area, the Economic Club of Chicago, the Commercial Club of Chicago, and the Chicago Public Education Fund. Griffin is an avid art collector, acquiring pieces by artists like Paul Cezanne and Jasper Johns and donating them to the Art Institute of Chicago. His philanthropic efforts include donations to his Harvard alma mater, various schools in the Chicago Public School system, area political organizations, Children’s Memorial Hospital, the Chicago Public Library, the Robin Hood Foundation, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Over $25billion in assets are attributed to Citadel’s stellar industry performance, responsible for approximately two percent of all trading in New York, London, and Tokyo daily. Global offices for the company are located in Chicago, New York, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Greenwich, Houston, and Toronto, with more than 1400 employees total. The company also has community partnerships established with Chicago businesses like Shedd’s Aquarium, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Citadel’s company philosophy is a direct reflection of Griffin’s, which involves providing top notch products and services through research, technology, and an unwavering desire to surpass client expectations.