Status Lab Cleans Up The Black Marks Caused By Scandal

An old saying likens the loss of one’s reputation to a feather being caught by a gust of wind. Irretrievable by its holder, its damage is brought to the attention of more and more people. In pre-digital days, those caught up in reputation damaging scandal were advised to hope that the damage caused would fade with time. But in these digital days scandals can live for decades, brought back to public notice with the click of a mouse. If you’re one of those individuals whose bad decisions have found a home in a database, then you’re one of those individuals who needs a reputation management company.

A good case in point is the Ashley Madison scandal. By now, even disinterested parties have heard of the online “dating site” for adulterers that was hacked into in August, exposing the personal information of those who used it. In recent weeks, some of the site users have been individually blackmailed by extorters who threaten exposure if they’re not paid in the electronic currency known as “bitcoin”. While it’s hard to feel sorry for these Ashley Madison members, such exposure would adversely affect the lives of many innocent family members and friends. Fortunately, Status Labs has come to the rescue.

The New York City based reputation management company has set up a free hotline to assist victims of the latest Ashley Madison drama, by providing advice on how to deal with internet extortionists. Status Labs founder Darius Finch has stated that the best way any online user can guard against this type of abuse is by keeping private information as private as possible, paying particular attention to social media settings. He also cautions against automatically giving into demands for bitcoin or other types of payment. These latest Ashley Madison hackers are believed to be foreign individuals who generally don’t follow through on threats. Following Status Labs’ advice, many Ashley Madison users have said, has kept a bad situation from getting much worse.

And Status Labs has used its skill both in public relations and electronic knowledge to aid many other clients, ranging from private individuals to corporations. Founded in 2013, in addition to specializing in reputation and crisis management, the company uses successful public relations campaigns to help companies grow sales through digital and social media marketing. Considered the industry’s international leader, Status Labs now has offices in 35 countries, with headquarters in New York City, Austin, Texas, and São Paulo, Brazil.

Hire Status Labs for Image Management

When you are applying for a job or trying to get customers for your business there are many things you have to do. One thing that many people don’t realize is really important is your status on the web. Many employers and clients will Google your name or company to see what comes up. Status Labs is a image management company that makes sure all of their clients have a great web presence.

One thing that this company does is online reputation management. Status Labs makes sure that your web results are positive ones. They can also make sure that you are seen on the first pages of a search engine. They want to make sure you look amazing when someone searches your name.

Another thing Status Labs handles is public relations. They help you communicate effectively with your customers and stakeholders in your company. They also help you with content for blogs through their amazing journalists. They find out what you need and tailor their help to your needs. They can help promote new products, help with your image, and many other things.

They also perform search engine optimization. They have a team of SEO experts that use many techniques to try to get you and your company the best page results possible. They also get rid of any information that is inaccurate about you or your company. They are able to give you monthly updates on your ranking so you can see what progress they are making.

If you want a great presence on social media Status Labs does social media marketing. They can run your social media pages to reach a wider audience. They have an amazing team of qualified social media experts that help make your social media pages the best they can possibly be.

They offer crisis response to anyone that needs it. They can also give you plans in case a crisis happens. They have assisted a ton of fortune 500 companies and other businesses in crisis. This ensures your company keeps its great reputation and you keep customers.

Status Labs has a ton of experience in marketing and helping businesses with their social media pages. They are able to help out if your business is in a crisis or if you need a public relations team. If you are looking for an amazing reputation management company then look no further than Status Labs.