Singer Halsey and Her Strange Connection to the MTV Show “Catfish”

When Halsey’s music appeared on the April 29th episode of “Catfish”, many fans assumed this was her only connection to the show. “Catfish” is a television show in which people meet with their online love for the first time. Igor Cornelsen says that while sometimes the connections do work out, other times people are met with a person who is not who they say they are. It is an incredible television show based on the full-length documentary of the same name. Halsey has been a fan of the show for many years and opened up about her connection.

In an interview with MTV, Halsey revealed that she knew a person who appeared on the show. The March 19th episode featured a young woman named Daisy who had been talking to a man named Marcus on Instagram. Halsey revealed that the two went to high school together. She found it quite exciting that both of them appeared on the television series in different ways. It is interesting how the world can actually be so small.