Lime Crime’s Positive Influence In Popular Culture

Being able to express yourself is what sets each individual apart. Life would be “oh so boring” if everyone acted or did the same types of things. The make-up industry is no different and this is the one field where individuals can be unique and not be judged. There’s one brand that is setting the tone and trends of this modern society over the past few years and it comes in many different color schemes. Lime Crime is the perfect brand when it comes to expression and the brand’s CEO/Owner embodies this notion very well, if the company blog can be any indication.


Doe Deere started out with a dream and her hard work is a reflection of self especially when it comes to ambition. Though born in Russia, Deere grew up in New York City which is where her eclectic sense of style comes from. Deere was great at creating her own outfits, but couldn’t seem to find make-up that matched her eclectic style. This is where Lime Crime came into fruition and by 2008, the market had a new contender.


Hot In-Demand Products

Lime Crime’s most popular product comes in lipstick form and the (velvetines) matte liquid lipsticks are setting new standards to date. Velvetines give users deep, bold, and bright colors that glide on smooth and are easy to clean away, which is why they’re popular with the YouTube vloggers. Another bonus of these products are that they’re long lasting and gives you a velvet finish. Unlike other brands that just give consumers basic colors, Lime Crime tend to use a blend of color tones that gives you brilliantly stunning hues. This is why the brand stands out from the crowd and there are many colors to choose from such as:


  • Wicked (Blood Red)
  • Penny
  • Salem (True Brown)
  • Gemma
  • Asphalt
  • Third Eye (Mulberry Red)
  • Mirage (Mauve Pink)
  • Polly


These colors truly stand out thanks to their metallic finishes. Lime Crime is the future of make-up because of the superior look and are vegan certified animal cruelty free.  For deals, and up to date news, make sure to follow Lime Crime’s social media on Facebook, and especially their Twitter page which has daily news and information.