E-Governe Helping Brazil Make Huge Progress

E-Governe was created to effectively manage the municipal and state secretariats within the public administration system of Brazil. This system was designed to provide a simpler, functional, and economical system of organization at the municipal and state level to provide a wide range of benefits for not only public servants, but also the public.


How It Works for Healthcare


This system allows the integration of all healthcare units, health sectors, and uses a powerful clinical and dental chart. It also enables the scheduling of appointments and organization of schedules for all healthcare professionals. It eliminates problems such as people waiting in long lines to get healthcare services and improves the quality of services that are provided to the population.


This system also performs hospital, ambulatory, and bed control; as well as management of the central ambulance and total management over financial resources. It can also be used as leverage when integrating other e-governe materials.


Benefits Achieved


Here are some of the benefits achieved by governments that implement E-Governe:


– Regionalizes attendance

– Controls the agreement between the municipalities or between state and municipalities

– Controls the flow of patients from other municipalities

– Improves the organization of work processes

– Manages financial transfers efficiently

– Allows a correct the mentioning of health units

– Controls the flow of patients between health units

– Enables the structuring of programs for continuous attention to health


Osasco in Greater Sao Paolo Adopts E-Governe


Osasco, an important municipality in Greater Sao Paolo, recently adopted E-Governe which is a part of the Institute of Intelligent Cities or Instituto de Curitiba de Informatica (ICI) portfolio. This municipality signed a contract with ICI to implement the E-Governe school management system in addition to supplying computer equipment as well as inputs and installation of a logistical and electrical network. In addition, this system will implement a call center for the Municipal Education Department for the city of São Paulo. The system will cover all 138 school units in the city plus the headquarters of the Municipal Education Department and the Continuing Education Center.


Here are the advantages of E-Governe in education:


– Ensures integrity, uniqueness, and security of information

– Issues management reports in real time

– Allows Internet access anytime

– Provides shared reports and makes them available

– Eliminates or minimizes rework

– Controls access privileges according to security levels defined by system administrators

– Ensures agility and opening and meeting the demands of the units


E-Governe System is Important for All of Brazil


Most leaders in Brazil agree that the E-Governe system is important for the entire country of Brazil. It provides a wide range of benefits to include speeding up response to population demands, identifying problems, analyzing suggestions, and monitoring all services provided at the municipal and state level.


Osasco was a great place to start since it has the fifth largest population in the state of São Paulo and is a thriving economic gateway where the city has had some of the best moments in its history. As Brazil continues to improve its dynamic sustainable economy was strong social progress, E-Governe is helping local and state governments make huge leaps forward through the implementation of the system. https://www.facebook.com/pages/E-Governe/325368564267182