George Clooney Returns to his Small Hometown

This past week 54-year-old mega superstar George Clooney took his new wife to visit his small hometown of Augusta, Kentucky. The two returned to attend Clooney’s family reunion. The small town with a population of around 1,000 people was buzzing over his return with Amal, who had never been there before.

According to the story on ABC News, the two spent some time with Clooney’s family and visiting Clooney’s old hometown favorites. The pair visited Magee’s Bakery where George treated Amal to his favorite sweet treat. They then went on to attend a blue grass concert where it appears they enjoyed themselves. They were also spotted dining at local restaurant Caproni’s on the River along with George’s family. The Clooney table even helped sing “Happy Birthday” to a nearby patron who was out celebrating her 25th birthday. After dinner they moved on to the local pub, August Pub, where they attend a private party and took pictures with the patrons.

All who ran into the pair during their visit said that they were nothing but nice. Keith Mann looked on as they stopped for pictures when asked and socialized with those they came in contact with. George’s parents still reside in Augusta, so residents say that it is typical to see George hanging around town usually once a year.