Naomi Campbell Doing Big Big Things

Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s exotic beauty crosses diverse ethnicities and nationalities. Of Chinese-Jamaican ancestry, in the above photo, according to author/publicist/production director Ben Rogundade, describes her unique look as ‘transracial’ in his book ‘Black Beauty’.

Having established herself as in the “Top Three Recognized Supermodels” of all time, her face flew onto front covers in the fashion industry during 1985-1995 internationally. Born in England in 1970, she rose to fame as a runway model, published in various well-read magazines, and she also pursued movies and music projects. She appears in several music videos and co-authored a novel about six supermodels’ lives, ‘Swan’. Campbell also appeared in an issue of ‘Playboy’ and in Madonna’s book, ‘Sex’. She also unveiled several fragrances graced with her name.

What stands out so brightly about this statuesque, articulate and educated woman is that as a model, she became the first black woman ever to grace the cover of ‘Time’ and the British and French editions of ‘Vogue’. She has worked with Nelson Mandela to help African children live a better life since 1997. Her activist pursuits are too numerous to list; acting spokesperson for humanitarian concerns and issues from feminism to racial nondiscrimination are not ordinary causes to undertake by a supermodel.

Never having married, she has been involved in such high-profile love interests as Robert De Niro, Usher and Mike Tyson. Currently, she plays the television role on ‘Empire’s’ Camilla, the lover of Lucious’s son Hakeem. The show began its second season with creator Lee Daniels. Campbell currently resides in London with her two dogs, a Malkie and a Bulldog.