Fabletics Keeps Customers Happy Through Unique Membership Plans

Fabletic is a brand that has been making the rounds of the fashion world for quite a while now. Founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a brand that has received a lot of light for causing quite a stir in the activewear and sportswear department. Since opening its doors for business, Fabletics has redefined what it means to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. The company has managed to leave all their competitors behind and stand at the top as a business that has revolutionized the sports and activewear industry,


Fabletics is aimed at people like you and me who aren’t professionally into sports but need a good set of active wear for their gymming or yoga needs. The brand makes sure that the customers always get exactly what they want and are more than satisfied with the product that the company is selling. The brands focus extremely strongly on the notion of appealing to their customers and offering them the best customer service that money can buy. Fabletics counts on their clients to keep coming back to them and purchasing from them, rather than just having a one-time purchase. This is one of the main reasons the company is so bent on establishing the best customer relations with their clients.


The reason why the brand needs its customers to keep coming back, again and again, is owing to the business model that the brand works on. The brand isn’t like any other brand that offers you their clothes which can satisfy you after a one time purchase. In fact, Fabletics works on a system of a membership plan. According to this, customers can select the frequency the want to receive the clothing at. When a client enters the Fabletics site for the very first time, they are prompted to fill out a few questions so the brand can better gauge your needs and accordingly tell you what kind of activewear is best for you. By doing this, the brand aims to offer a more personalized experience as well as product choice to the customers. These efforts are made by the company with the view of instilling a sense of goodwill among his clients to keep them coming back.


By opting for the membership plans, customers can receive as few as one set to as much as seven sets of activewear per month depending on the plan they have chosen. Customers then have the clothing delivered right to their doorsteps. Fabletics has managed to give women all over America access to super trendy and comfortable active wear without having to make much effort. This especially fits well with the kind of customer base that the brand is targeting, who don’t have too much time on their hands to go shopping for new sports and gym wear every month.


Fabletics has managed to surpass big names in the fashion world and emerge as a prominent contender in the world of sports and leisure wear. Currently, the company is worth over $250 Million and is planning to expand further in the years to come.


Naomi Campbell Doing Big Big Things

Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s exotic beauty crosses diverse ethnicities and nationalities. Of Chinese-Jamaican ancestry, in the above photo, according to author/publicist/production director Ben Rogundade, describes her unique look as ‘transracial’ in his book ‘Black Beauty’.

Having established herself as in the “Top Three Recognized Supermodels” of all time, her face flew onto front covers in the fashion industry during 1985-1995 internationally. Born in England in 1970, she rose to fame as a runway model, published in various well-read magazines, and she also pursued movies and music projects. She appears in several music videos and co-authored a novel about six supermodels’ lives, ‘Swan’. Campbell also appeared in an issue of ‘Playboy’ and in Madonna’s book, ‘Sex’. She also unveiled several fragrances graced with her name.

What stands out so brightly about this statuesque, articulate and educated woman is that as a model, she became the first black woman ever to grace the cover of ‘Time’ and the British and French editions of ‘Vogue’. She has worked with Nelson Mandela to help African children live a better life since 1997. Her activist pursuits are too numerous to list; acting spokesperson for humanitarian concerns and issues from feminism to racial nondiscrimination are not ordinary causes to undertake by a supermodel.

Never having married, she has been involved in such high-profile love interests as Robert De Niro, Usher and Mike Tyson. Currently, she plays the television role on ‘Empire’s’ Camilla, the lover of Lucious’s son Hakeem. The show began its second season with creator Lee Daniels. Campbell currently resides in London with her two dogs, a Malkie and a Bulldog.