David McDonald Has Devoted His Life To Excellence In The Food Business

American food industry businessman David McDonald originally hails from the midwestern state of Iowa and began his long and distinguished career in the food processing and food distribution business immediately following his academic career at Iowa State University.

David McDonald has been with world leading food wholesaler OSI Group for more than thirty years now and initially started with the firm in the role of project manager.

Today, David McDonald is the President of the firm as well as a sitting member of the firm’s board of directors. The fact that he worked his way up from an entry position and eventually made it all the way up to the top of the corporate ladder is something that David McDonald OSI Group is extremely proud of.

David McDonald OSI Group has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a local butcher shop in the Chicago area. Today, the company is a worldwide presence in the food industry that continues strive to constantly improve and to grow its business through expansion, acquisition and forging partnerships. David McDonald OSI Group has been a huge part of the expansion of the food outfit that now has operations in seventeen different countries globally. One of the big recent moves that OSI Group has made under the guidance of David McDonald is Baho Food. This is a Netherlands based food distribution company that is now a new member of the OSI family. David McDonald has noted that Baho is a really great fit for OSI Group and also a great addition to the company’s portfolio.

David McDonald OSI Group is a firm believer that the company’s success, as well as his own success, are rooted in the ability to forge partnerships with valuable companies. He also emphasizes the fact that the OSI team members on the ground always work hard to develop a good understanding of the particular market that they are working in. This allows the company an ability to serve its customers at the highest level possible.

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CEO Dr. Richard Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides Lead InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a major company that operates in the healthcare industry. The company currently operates in the United States and Puerto Rico. This company specializes in providing Medicare Advantage Plans and physician practice services. With the Medicare Advantage Plans, InnovaCare Health is able to find more affordable options for seniors in need of healthcare. These Medicare Advantage Plans have proven to help seniors more easily afford their routine healthcare expenses as well as ones that require more intensive treatment. They are able to more easily get prescription medication at more affordable rates as well with these plans. InnovaCare Health offers physician practice services as well which entail providing assistance to offices of physicians. The company provides assistance with administrative functions as well as advice on how to provide more efficient healthcare for patients. Similar to all other healthcare organizations, InnovaCare Health is managed by its top leadership with Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Check out innovacarehealth.com



Dr. Richard Shinto is the top executive of InnovaCare Health. Today, he serves as the company’s chief executive officer. As the CEO of InnovaCare Health, Shinto provides strategy and policies for the company. He also sets goals and overall management of the company. With his leadership, InnovaCare Health has been able to grow and provide quality services to both patients and physician offices. Dr. Shinto is currently in charge of managing InnovaCare’s subsidiaries in Puerto Rico and the Managed Care Plan in the island. This plan has managed over 250,000 people. Richard has a proven track record of providing management, innovation and financial guidance for various healthcare companies. He has worked for a number of other notable healthcare companies in the industry such as Aveta Incorporated, Medical Pathways Management Company and MedPartners. During his stints at these companies, he held management positions such as Corporate Vice president, chief medical officer and as a chief operating officer. For more details visit changemindchangefuture.org



Another one of the top executives of InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope is the acting chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health. As the chief administrative officer, Penelope is in charge of providing oversight of the administrative division of the company. She has a proven track record of facilitating efficiency for this part of the company. While working as the chief administrative officer, Kokkinides has been involved in helping establish the company’s operations in Puerto Rico. Before becoming a member of InnovaCare Health, Penelope spent a number of years working for other healthcare companies. These include Touchstone Health, AmeriChoice and Centerlight HealthCare. At these companies, she has held top level management positions such as executive vice president, chief operating officer and corporate vice president.



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Pushing Through With Creativity and Increasing Productivity With Lori Senecal

Everyone goes through that point where their productivity falls. Often times they hit a place where they are stuck and they can’t seem to come up with any more ideas. Not everyone can have a bunch of good ideas for their work like Lori Senecal does for hers. However, there are ways to overcome the drop in productivity. One thing that people can do in order to increase their productivity is get to the root of what is causing them to slow down and halt. One thing they may find is that they are burning out. This is especially true for entrepreneurs.


One thing an entrepreneur can do in order to be productive like Lori Senecal is take a few breaks every now and then. Another thing they can do is put together a schedule and organize everything so that they can get more done. Sometimes, a lack of productivity can come from being overwhelmed. When people are feeling a little more confident about the work they are doing, they will be able to move forward with their goals. As a result, they will make a lot of progress towards the goals they have for their business and other things they are involved in.


Lori Senecal has not only kept herself productive, but she has also taught others how to be productive. One of the largest factors in her business is being productive. She has shown that when she has taken over CP+B. She has whipped that business into shape. The old way of wasting time with a lot of conversation has given away to a more efficient task-based way of working. This increases not only the quantity of work that gets done but the quality. Lori Senecal has a high number of effective campaigns that she has completed for her clients. Lori has also won awards for the thought she has put into the ad campaigns. Of course, the most important thing is that her clients have gained new customers and have managed to keep their regular customers because of the thought and the creativity that have gone into those campaigns. Check out lorisenecalglobalceo.com




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Lime Crime Cosmetics’ Doe Deere Dares To Do It Her Way

Doe Deere is a Russian-born entertainer and entrepreneur also known as Xenia or the Unicorn Queen. Raised in New York City, this driven young woman is the creator of Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime is known for its crazy colors and intense pigments delivered to your door in pink packaging with sparkly unicorns. Doe Deere dares to be different with everything she does with Lime Crime. This isn’t make-up for the faint of heart. This soft-spoken businesswoman with the adorable Russian accent is a marketing maven. She created Lime Crime make-up with her own hands and markets it using concepts from her fertile mind.

Lime Crime is not Doe Deere’s first foray into business. She has been a model, fashion designer, and a rock musician with several albums under her belt. But none of those things allowed Doe Deere to connect with a large and growing public the way Lime Crime has. What’s interesting is that she stumbled into the creation of Lime Crime while making cosmetics that would draw attention to her while she was on stage. The colors of the make-up in the cosmetics line Doe Deere created are wild and loud and have names like CandyFuture lipstick and Magic Dust eye-shadow.

When Doe Deere moved to the United States as a child, she had no idea she would create a cosmetics line that would provide men, women, and everyone in between the freedom to express themselves with make-up in ways people have never seen before. However, young Doe Deere had the feeling she would be a woman of substance. Plus she has always had the confidence to work towards making her dream a reality. Doe Deere’s work on doedeere.com ethic is what differentiates her from the millions of other people that dream about owning a business. She’s a go getter and she’s kept on going until she got what she wanted.

Raised in a family of humble means, Doe Deere has always been driven to rise above. She believes fortune favors the bold, so she’s been bold from the start. She’s never been afraid to pursue her goals and dreams. She believes in the American Dream and the power of the rugged individualist to attain that dream. Still, Doe Deere is aware of the need for a good team of people willing to dream and work with you. Were it not for the encouragement of the visitors to her online make-up tutorials, she may never have offered Lime Crime cosmetics for sale to the public.

Doe Deere isn’t a fly by night success. She has worked for many years to find the right product and bring it to market. There have been many long days and even longer nights when against all odds she continued to work, study, and listen so she could create, market, and succeed. She acknowledges that she stands on the shoulders of the brave, beautiful, driven women that have come before her and she wants to be an inspiration to those that come after her.