Lime Crime Cosmetics’ Doe Deere Dares To Do It Her Way

Doe Deere is a Russian-born entertainer and entrepreneur also known as Xenia or the Unicorn Queen. Raised in New York City, this driven young woman is the creator of Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime is known for its crazy colors and intense pigments delivered to your door in pink packaging with sparkly unicorns. Doe Deere dares to be different with everything she does with Lime Crime. This isn’t make-up for the faint of heart. This soft-spoken businesswoman with the adorable Russian accent is a marketing maven. She created Lime Crime make-up with her own hands and markets it using concepts from her fertile mind.

Lime Crime is not Doe Deere’s first foray into business. She has been a model, fashion designer, and a rock musician with several albums under her belt. But none of those things allowed Doe Deere to connect with a large and growing public the way Lime Crime has. What’s interesting is that she stumbled into the creation of Lime Crime while making cosmetics that would draw attention to her while she was on stage. The colors of the make-up in the cosmetics line Doe Deere created are wild and loud and have names like CandyFuture lipstick and Magic Dust eye-shadow.

When Doe Deere moved to the United States as a child, she had no idea she would create a cosmetics line that would provide men, women, and everyone in between the freedom to express themselves with make-up in ways people have never seen before. However, young Doe Deere had the feeling she would be a woman of substance. Plus she has always had the confidence to work towards making her dream a reality. Doe Deere’s work on ethic is what differentiates her from the millions of other people that dream about owning a business. She’s a go getter and she’s kept on going until she got what she wanted.

Raised in a family of humble means, Doe Deere has always been driven to rise above. She believes fortune favors the bold, so she’s been bold from the start. She’s never been afraid to pursue her goals and dreams. She believes in the American Dream and the power of the rugged individualist to attain that dream. Still, Doe Deere is aware of the need for a good team of people willing to dream and work with you. Were it not for the encouragement of the visitors to her online make-up tutorials, she may never have offered Lime Crime cosmetics for sale to the public.

Doe Deere isn’t a fly by night success. She has worked for many years to find the right product and bring it to market. There have been many long days and even longer nights when against all odds she continued to work, study, and listen so she could create, market, and succeed. She acknowledges that she stands on the shoulders of the brave, beautiful, driven women that have come before her and she wants to be an inspiration to those that come after her.