Sawyer Howitt Guides Millennial Entrepreneurs Against Ageism

Sawyer Howitt has a passion for entrepreneurship that is infectious and he inspires others to strive after their own vision. Knowledge and skills are required to successfully craft a new business and engage in commerce. Howitt knows this and urges young Millennial entrepreneurs to disregard old stereotypes that young people aren’t mature enough or ready to start a business. The truth is young minds are ambitious and soak up knowledge like a sponge and Millennials are starting their own businesses in record numbers.

The Millennial generation’s time is now and their startups are occurring at a much younger age than previous generations. Their average age is in their twenties when preceding generations were in the mid-thirties. According to, the Millennials have adjusted well to the rapid pace of modern life and its dizzying technological changes. These startups are more lucrative than those in generations past and this contributes to the urgency that Millennials feel to carve out their own niche. The traditional nine-to-five career holds little appeal to this new crop of aspirants.

In light of these facts, Sawyer Howitt offers timely advice for Millennials who must struggle against ageism. He urges them to buckle down and prove their value. Diligent and effective work speak for itself according to Howitt on It’s also important to market oneself and detail accomplishments and progress. He also recommends honesty and a willingness to learn. Successful entrepreneurs are always learning new things and it’s more important to know how to find information than to pretend you know everything.

Sawyer Howitt knows all about perseverance and his never give up attitude is critical to those hoping for entrepreneurial success. It’s also critical when hoping to change minds regarding your age. Lastly, using your age as an advantage could be very helpful. The Millennials are very tech-savvy and have boundless energy. Using these things could be very advantageous according to Howitt.

The Meriwether Group is where Sawyer Howitt cut his entrepreneurial teeth. He is a project manager for them and has already developed an extensive knowledge base about startups. He has a strong understanding of the operational and financial needs to bring a new idea to fruition.

Racquetball is another passion for Sawyer Howitt and he plays at a professional level. He has demonstrated the same tenacity that he carries into his work life and the results have been outstanding.

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